Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Ghosts Of The Past (100% Chapter Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, Ghosts of the Past story casewhich sees Sherlock trying to track down a missing diamond.

I will be trying to cover as much of the chapter as possible, from collecting the various different files, to unlocking any hidden and missable trophy achievements.

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  • Start off by speaking to the man wearing a red top, holding his nose. Feel free to ask him any question you want and more clues will then be added to the Mind Palace
  • Then you can find a damaged chair between both the table (with the green plant) and the door, examine this in order to get some added dialogue.
  • Then speak with the woman laying on the couch and Sherlock will deduce that she has pale skin and unsteady breathing
  • Inspect the green sheet over the mirror and Sherlock will assume that someone may be playing a trick
  • Just next to the mirror will be a collection of skulls that we can also inspect
  • After getting some clues regarding the people here, we can then begin scanning the table.
  • Here we will have five clues to find, which are the following;
  • Use the concentration ability on the highlighted indentation in the middle of the table – Sherlock will then deduce that the diamond was placed on the table and that everyone could reach it
  • Then interact with the smashed wine glass to the left of the table
  • At the top of the table there will be an ash tray and half a glass of Balblair scotch.
  • Then there will be some green ectoplasm to the right of the table
  • Then use the concentration ability on the jacket which sits on the chair next to the ectoplasm, here there will be a broach that you can rotate. Do so until it resembles a moth.
  • Enter your Mind Palace by going into the menu screen and selecting the required option
  • Select the following options; The lady pointed across the table and Lady Craven faced the window. We will now get another clue, this time regarding a courtyard witness
  • Leave the room by going through the door closest to the window, we will now be in the courtyard.
  • Out here we should notice something strange on the floor by the door, use the concentration ability to find out what it is. We will then find out that it is a damaged heel.
  • Rotate the heel to find another clue, Sherlock will deduct that it was recent and that it would of left scratches.
  • On the wooden table to the right there will be a note (A Honey Plotter’s Note)
  • Now head to the menu screen and pin the Someone’s in the Courtyard clue and then turn on your concentration ability and search the room for potential clues
  • If you look between both the plant pot and the swimming pool, there should be evidence of someone walking, follow them through the door.
  • Head through the following door on the left and in here we can find the other half of the damaged shoe.
  • Examine the shoe and Sherlock will conclude that all maids within the hotel wear this kind of shoe
  • If you examine the heel, Sherlock will also add that it is a size 4 shoe and will confirm that the heel we just found does indeed belong to this shoe.
  • Head through the door here and into the hall, Sherlock will gather that the witness was a nosy maid.
  • Head to the second floor and make your way around to the balcony area in order to find another maid cleaning, this time with a brush.
  • Tell the maid that you are a detective and after you are done questioning her, we will be given The Curious Maid’s Testimony
  • Return back to Lord Craven and the Séance Room
  • Interact with the glowing orb to begin trying to decipher how the whole ordeal took place. The correct order is as follows;
  • The lady on the chair pointing
  • Man throwing a chair (Lord Craven)
  • Man with hat (medium)
  • Validate your choice and all evidence should now have been collected.
  • We will now need to go and find Lord Craven, who is up in room 226
  • Head up to the second floor in order to find a bunch of maids standing outside of Lord Craven’s room.
  • Listen in on the maids conversation and it will be time to filter out any important words that they might mention
  • The words you want to keep are the following;
  • Cannot use a fish knife
  • Made her husband drunk
  • Was on the lookout
  • We will now receive the Gossip Regarding Lady Craven and we will also unlock the The Walls Have Ears trophy achievement
  • Enter room 226
  • After the scene go ahead and question Lord Craven
  • We will now get to scan the room for any potential clues as to what happened.
  • Inspect the following;
  • The victim’s neck and Sherlock will conclude that it was strangulation
  • The diamond on the bed, rotate it in order to interact with it
  • The handbag
  • That will then conclude the search.
  • Use the concentration ability on the following door to find it has a simple lock
  • From there examine the box on the table next to you, again use the concentration ability and we will learn it has a false bottom.
  • The box will now contain a ring with a butterfly, ring with writing around the inside, and notes
  • Outside of the box, however, still looking at the table, there will be a bunch of makeup products.
  • Head into the other room now and there will be a note on the table (Letter Regarding Compensation)
  • There will be another letter on the desk (The Letter Regarding the Stolen Ring). If you examine the other side of the table, Sherlock will comment that someone was not happy with their post.
  • We should now be done searching for clues, so go ahead and give Lord Craven the update.
  • Provide him with the following;
  • Hidden Jewels
  • Ring with Moth Design
  • Head into the Mind Palace now and choose the following options;
  • The moth pin
  • The moth ring
  • We will now get an outcome of Luka and Emma could have met before
  • Return to the Mind Palace and this time choose the next set of options;
  • Séance theft
  • The diamond was beside Emma
  • This will result in one of two options either; The murderer left the diamond or Lord Craven caught Emma with the stone.
  • Again return to the Mind Palace and this time choose the Lord Craven punched the medium and Compensation for abuse options
  • We will now get the Lord Craven cannot control his temper outcome
  • Now head to the Casebook and pin the Lord Craven’s Explanation clue
  • Return to the foyer, where you found the cane in the previous case and speak with the men by the table you once sat at.
  • We will now get an update regarding Lord Craven’s Explanation, that Lord Craven only spent a short time at the bar after leaving the séance room
  • Return to the Mind Palace once again, this time we need the Lord Craven was in the room with Emma and Lord Craven spent time at the bar options
  • This will result in either the Lord Craven had time to kill Emma and A window of opportunity options
  • We could just end the case here. However, that would leave us with no choice but to accuse Lord Craven for the crime. It is possible that he did it as the game suggests he has a temper problem. If you would rather do this then read on..


  • The truth enraged Lord Craven ending, which will require the following outcomes Luka and Emma could have met before, Emma had a history of deceit, Luka could know Emma was a thief, Lord Craven caught Emma with the stone, Lord Craven can’t control his temper, and Lord Craven had time to kill Emma
  • With Lord Craven now being classed as the murderer we can either bring him to justice or give Lord Craven mercy. As he cannot control his temper, if you go with this ending then it is best if he is brought to justice.
  • Return to room 226 in order to accuse Lord Craven of murder.
  • The case will then end and the Diamond in the Rough trophy achievement will unlock


  • For this ending, simply pin Ms. Emma’s Body from the Casebook menu and speak with the receptionist. We will now get the key to the medium’s room, number 225
  • Here speak with the medium, Mr. Ghalichi, and then we will need to observe him.
  • Scan the following; Mr. Ghalichi’s neck (used a lot of make-up), nose (took a heavy blow), hand holding book (trained in slight of hand), body (skinny and malnourished), and right hand (scratches)
  • We should now have the ability to select the Former thief became a medium option
  • Feel free to question Mr. Ghalichi if you want and then we can begin searching for clues within this room.
  • Inspect the table for Letter of Invitation, tools and accessories, and we can also find some ectoplasm
  • Now head into the Casebook menu and search for Ectoplasm Sample, it is time for a chemical analysis!
  • The solution is as follows;
  • Add bottle 3 into the box on the left
  • Add bottle 2 into the box alongside bottle 3
  • Then drag one of the Chemical Operations into the middle of the screen
  • Link both bottle 2 and bottle 3 to the Chemical Operations
  • Finally link the Chemical Operations to the analysis results on the right
  • We should then find out that the Ectoplasm is actually rubber latex mixed with phosphorus
  • Near John there will be some books that we can inspect, apparently Mr. Ghalichi enjoys reading.
  • Head into the Mind Palace menu and connect the following; Fresh Scratches and Rough Servants. Our results will be Luka’s scratches were left by servants
  • Return to the Mind Place and this time connect The lock can be easily picked and Luka and Lord Craven were neighbours. This will result in Luka could easily pick the lock.
  • Continuing in the Mind Palace, this time we want; The thief framed the servants and Emma was stealing from Lord Craven. This will result in Emma had a history of deceit
  • Finally connect the only other remaining clues; Emma was strangled and Fresh scratches
  • Now speak and provide evidence to Mr. Ghalichi, the evidence we want to use is Ectoplasm Sample and Ring with Moth Design
  • Return to the Mind Palace and there will be two remaining clues that still have question marks on them, now that we have provided Mr. Ghalichi with evidence we can finally answer these. Choose the following; Emma scratched Luka and Luka could know Emma was a thief
  • Continuing, the next clue we get is Luka could know Emma set him up.
  • We are then left with the option of Bring Luka Ghalichi to Justice or Help Luka Ghalichi to Escape
  • When you have made your choice (for me it was to bring him to justice), speak with Ghalichi to end the case
  • The case will then end and the Diamond in the Rough trophy achievement will unlock

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