Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Plan Bee (100% Case Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, Plan Bee optional side casewhich starts at the Police Station

I will be trying to cover as much of the side case as possible, from collecting all evidence to unlocking any potential missable trophies and achievements.

  • LOCATION: Cordona Police Station
  • REWARDS: 30 Coin, (Optional – Revolver, Beehives), Well-Earned Rest trophy achievement (optional)
  • GUIDE:
  • After successfully completing The Scapegoat, we can now begin this next one, simply speak to Stark at the Cordona Police Station
  • Whilst speaking to Stark we will learn of a gang named the Hive and that Placido has been after them for years.
  • Once you are done speaking with Stark, head up the stairs behind him and turn left, through the next set of doors. Here we can find Placido’s office.
  • Inspect the desk for the Chief Constable’s Message note
  • Then we can search the drawers for some extra clues, here we are looking for; Hive Master’s drawer (scan both the name and inside the drawer itself, it seems the files are gone hmm..)
  • We can now pin The Fate of Placido from the Casebook menu. Failure to do this will result in being unable to scan the next section.
  • We can find more clues on the bookshelf by the door; gun case (enter concentration mode to discover that it was an honorary weapon), newsletter at the back (Cordona Chronicle, May 1877), and a box of snuff
  • Now pin the Placido’ Office evidence from the Casebook menu, upon doing so we will now have a few bubbles that we can inspect.
  • These bubbles include; Stack of Books and Old Case Files. However, what we really want to investigate is the framed picture on the wall. Inspecting this will reveal fingerprints and a hidden section that we can scan for clues.
  • This hidden section will consist of a book (Notes on the Hive Master), a file (Collection of Hive Articles), and a jar with something rather peculiar inside
  • NOTE: We can win John’s Challenge here (Ear in a Jar). In order to do this, simply do as John says and take the ear
  • We now want to fast travel to the Cordona City Hall and make sure to pin the Notes on the Hive Master evidence from the Casebook
  • Enter the City Hall and we will be greeted by Ursual Oni, the chief archivist.
  • Head to the Archive room on the right, then use the table to search for the correct piece of evidence, which is as follows; Subjects – Citizens, Period – British (1800s), Districts – Miner’s End and we will now get the Property of B Queen
  • Now that we have it, make sure to pin the Property of B Queen. Our next destination is Herring Rd over in Miner’s End.
  • Enter through the open wooden doors here and continue on into the building for a scene
  • We are now in Hive territory so expect hostility. There will be multiple enemy waves however, after defeating them all we will be rewarded with 8 coin and the Key to the Warehouse Office.
  • NOTE: If you arrest at least 10 men you will be rewarded with the Citizen’s Arrest trophy achievement
  • This place will now be known as the Queen’s Warehouse
  • Head on upstairs in order to find another room we can scan for clues. There will be a box to the left with wool inside
  • If we inspect the table there will be several points of interest; Letter from H.M note, wool, and Soiled Note
  • Inspect the furnace to find out that someone has been burning papers, one of which can be found on the floor.
  • All evidence should now have been collected
  • Now access the Casebook menu and scroll over to Burnt Papers, we need to start a chemical analysis.
  • Take bottle 3 and place it into the box on the left, then add bottle 5 and bottle 4 to the box.
  • Now grab the Chemical Operations and place it into the middle of the screen, make sure to place two of them as we will need two in order to mix certain chemicals.
  • Now link bottle 3 to one of the Chemical Operations, then add both bottle 4 and bottle 5 to the other separate Chemical Operations
  • Then link both of the Chemical Operations together and then finally link the Chemical Operations to the result box on the right.
  • If you have done it correctly the Burnt Papers will have been updated, it should now read and mention beeswax and honeycombs.
  • In order to proceed with the case be sure to pin the Letter from H.M evidence in the Casebook menu
  • Now head to Wiggins St, west from here
  • We will now be at the Apiary, continue up the hill and we can then find a man in which we can speak to. However, before he will speak we will need to observe him
  • Observe the man by examining his face (his hat hides his missing ear), shirt (grated tobacco), hands (red bumps), handgun (revolver)
  • Using these clues we can now try to determine who exactly he is, the answer is Placido.
  • When prompted choose the ‘You killed him‘ option
  • We will now be given the choice of either telling Stark of Placido’s whereabouts, or allow Placido to live in peace and basically tell Stark that you cannot find him.
  • If you agree to cooperate with Placido, you will be able to give him his ear back and in return you can choose to either have his revolver or a few beehives. You will also be rewarded with 30 coin and the Well-Earned Rest trophy achievement after speaking with Stark back at the station.
  • If you fail to cooperate with Placido then you will be rewarded with 30 coin and a disappointed John.
  • Regardless of what choice you make, return to Stark and tell him of your progress.


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