Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – What Was Did In The Shadows (100% Case Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, What Was Did In The Shadows optional side casewhich starts at the police station

I will be trying to cover as much of the side case as possible, from collecting all evidence to unlocking any potential missable trophies and achievements.

  • LOCATION: Cordona Police Station
  • REWARDS: 20 Coins
  • GUIDE:
  • This case will become available after you have successfully completed Splitting the Loot
  • You can activate it by interacting with the bulletin board over at the Cordona Police Station, you will then need to pin the Report No. 18-10 evidence
  • From there we will need to travel to the Cordona Cemetery by Ripper St.
  • Here speak to the officer, who will mention a vampire… Now head through the gate next to him in order to arrive at the Empty Grave
  • Okay lets get to exploring and crime solving. We can start by interacting with the basket of flowers sitting on the grass
  • Just like with the previous cases, we will have several numbered scenes we can look through. Number 1 has a dusty hat, large stone, blood on the stone
  • Number 3 has an expensive hat and torn trousers
  • Number 4 has a spade and drops of blood on the floor,
  • For number 2 we will need to activate concentration mode and inspect the tool set, a jar, and a crumpled note to the left, on top of the structure
  • Head down the path a little bit (towards the aqueduct) and inspect the old campfire. Here we can find roasted food, mushrooms, and a bottle
  • Now head into the Casebook menu and search for the Bottle of Clear Liquid evidence and perform an analysis. We will now get a little puzzle to solve
  • Start by placing bottle 3 in the box to the left, then place bottle 2 underneath it.
  • Then use the Chemical Operations option, which is basically going to mix our ingredients. Drag this option to the middle of the screen
  • Now link the Chemical Operations to the two bottles. Then link the ‘?’ symbol on the right, which basically gives us our results from mixing these ingredients.
  • Our results will be formalin, which is used to embalming corpses.
  • Our little white orb should now appear, meaning we can now get to work on trying to solve what order the events took place in.
  • By the barricades we want the figure of a man with the basket of flowers,
  • At the tripod we want the figure of a man wearing glasses (graveyard keeper)
  • By Sherlock we want the figure of a bald man with a spade
  • To the left of Sherlock we want the figure of someone with hair peering down (graveyard keeper)
  • Then just behind Sherlock we want the figure of someone with hair playing with tools (graveyard keeper)
  • Then finally we want the figure of a man wearing a hat
  • All evidence should now have been collected
  • Return to the Police Station and speak with Stark to complete the case.


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