Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – The Scapegoat (100% Case Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, The Scapegoat optional side casewhich starts at the police station

I will be trying to cover as much of the side case as possible, from collecting all evidence to unlocking any potential missable trophies and achievements.

  • LOCATION: Cordona Police Station
  • REWARDS: 20 Coins, Child’s Play trophy achievement
  • GUIDE:
  • This one becomes available after having successfully completed What was Did in The Shadows case.
  • This will be our last case that we can unlock at the Cordona Police Station, so go ahead and lets activate it.
  • Now before we can begin make sure to pin the Report No. 18-13 evidence in the Casebook menu
  • Our destination this time is over at the Forest Ruins, which is to the west of the map. We can get there by fast travelling to the Cordona Cemetery.
  • Just like with the past cases we need to scan the evidence that has already been collected.
  • At number 1 there will be hoofprints
  • Number 2 features a bit of a mess
  • Number 3 has a rope for us to interact with, apparently it is soaked in wine
  • Number 4 has several footprints
  • Number 5 has a priest necklace (be sure to rotate it in order to get the dialogue)
  • Number 6 is the basic ritual that was being performed
  • With that all now taken care of, the white orb will then appear and we can try to arrange the event order
  • By the animals you want the figure of a person with the goat (feathered mask)
  • Next to the last goat, you want the person dropping her pottery (no mask or damaged mask)
  • By number 4 you want people dancing
  • At number 5 you want figures pulling a man (One with no mask, one with a horned mask (closest), and one with a feathered mask)
  • Finally at number 3 you want a figure with a horned mask
  • Now return to Stark at the Police Station in order to complete this one
  • Did I say this was the last request? Well apparently he has more work for us..


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