Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – The Ghost Hunter (100% Case Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, The Ghost Hunter optional side casewhich starts at the Drinking Dutchman

I will be trying to cover as much of the side case as possible, from collecting all evidence to unlocking any potential missable trophies and achievements.

  • LOCATION: Drinking Dutchman (Bazaar Road – Silverton)
  • REWARDS: 15 coins
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Bazaar Rd on Silverton, north east of the map, and you will come across the Drinking Dutchman
  • On a building nearby there will be several posters on the wall, inspect them to trigger the case.
  • Head into your Casebook menu and pin The Ghost Poster evidence, and then inspect the poster once again in order to learn the name Luigi. Mario’s brother? Are we going to Luigi’s Mansion?
  • Anyway, head down the stairs to the right and we can then find an area we can examine for clues. The area is to the left by a fallen display board.
  • We will now have several clues to find; smashed bottles, blood, and display board
  • Now go into concentration mode and inspect the fallen table and Sherlock will suggest that someone stormed off angrily.
  • Once John has said his piece, there will be a strange figure to the right. Inspect it in order to find out about a scuffle between men.
  • Return to the table and we can inspect another scene. Apparently Luigi took a beating and fled.
  • All evidence should now have been collected.
  • Our next step is to go into the Casebook menu and this time pin The Hunter Becomes The Hunted evidence
  • Now head towards the barrels and we will have another area to inspect.
  • It seems that Luigi tried to crawl back up the stairs
  • Continue to follow his footprints, heading up the stairs in the process. Once at the top there will be more evidence, which means we went even further upstairs.
  • Then once at the top of these stairs, there will be more clues. Apparently he got drunk.
  • If we keep following the path, we will inevitably stumble across the crate of bottles.
  • Keep following the clues, going past the rail tracks. The next thing we will come across is a cork on the street
  • Followed then by a broken bottle
  • Continue along the path a bit more and you will find Luigi’s Mansion to the left. So he is Mario’s brother, certainly a lot taller than I remember.. Okay jokes aside I like the little reference.
  • Inside the property we will have several clues to find..
  • Inspect the table for; donation coins, poster, smoking pipe (rotate it in order to trigger the dialogue), and a mug
  • That should then wrap up the evidence and case.


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