Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – The Collie Shangles (100% Case Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, The Collie Shangles optional side casewhich starts at the Cordona Police Station

I will be trying to cover as much of the side case as possible, from collecting all evidence to unlocking any potential missable trophies and achievements.

  • LOCATION: Cordona Police Station
  • REWARDS: 20 Coin
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing the Police Training, this side case will then be unlocked.
  • Head to the Cordona Police Station and interact with the bulletin board in order to start it.
  • Head into the Casebook menu and pin the Report No. 18-04 evidence
  • Now head to the Golden Eel, which is part of the Old City. Simply search for Northern Old City and Scarlet St.
  • Here there will be a Police Officer standing next to a bird cage, speak to him.
  • We can now gain access to the building next to him, lets go inside and inspect the place.
  • There will be plenty of evidence and clues to find here but let us start at number 5, where we can investigate the blood and the knife. Make sure to rotate the knife in order to trigger the dialogue
  • You can then find an unfinished bottle of Rum on the table. Make sure to investigate the spillage on the floor too.
  • Head to the number 2 evidence section and here we can scan for a pair of glasses (rotate it in order to trigger the dialogue) and the table
  • The number 3 section contains shards of a broken bottle
  • Number 4 has a damaged chair for us to interact with
  • After investigating all of the different clues, a white orb will then appear and we will need to work out what order everything happened in.
  • The correct order is as follows; an argument between two men (trader and a sailor), someone punching a man through a table (trader punching a soldier), someone with a damaged bottle and a chair (worker and the sailor), and finally someone with a knife
  • That should be all of the evidence now collected. Now return to the Cordona Police Station.
  • Here speak with Stark to complete the case.


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