Stray – All 4 Clues (Clementine’s Coded Message) Guide

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During Chapter 10 – Midtown we will be searching for Clementine, which will lead us to her apartment. Unfortunately in order to find her we will need to solve a coded message, which has been left behind by Clementine.

This coded message will require us to play detective in order to figure out what happened to her and where we can find her.

Our only hint that we can use to try and solve this coded message is that ‘the answer lies in my stuff’. There will also be four symbols to work out, these are basically the clues that we can uncover.

CLUE: I’m With…
GUIDE: After reading the message on the wall left behind by Clementine, it will be time to play detective kitty.

The first clue that we can inspect can be found on the small dining table. Inspect the purple container.

CLUE: .. Blazer ..
GUIDE: To get the next clue we will need to pull on the pink towel that is on the drawers, doing this will cause the drawer to pull out.

From there jump on to the open drawer and enter the tent up here. Inside this tent there will be a tray with our next clue.

CLUE: .. Come To ..
GUIDE: The next one is a statue that resides next to the plant pot, in the bathroom.

CLUE: Nightclub
GUIDE: For this final one we will want to head to the kitchen. In here we can find a lava lamp on the shelf, inspect this to progress.


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