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As you continue through the world of Stray there is a good chance that you will have figured out that there are several vending machines within the game. Well actually there is a total of 4 vending machines that can be found and interacted with.

These 4 vending machines will all be needed if you plan on unlocking the B-12 memories trophy achievement

They can all be found during both Chapter 4 – The Slums and Chapter 6 – The Slums Part 2. Unfortunately though, once you have used a vending machine once you cannot reuse it, hence why we need to find all 4 vending machines.

Here is a brief guide on how to find each one so you can get on with unlocking more of the B-12 memories


We can find this first vending machine near where Morusque is sat. (Note: We can unlock the Music Sheet trophy achievement here too. The safe at the dead end near Morusque can also be unlocked during the Music Sheet trophy achievement)


From the first vending machine simply follow the path right and head straight, the vending machine is located at the end. Up the stairs.


For this one we need to head to the rooftops. It will be on a balcony that can only be reached from the rooftops.

Simply find the vending machine and carefully drop down to it.


The final vending machine can also be found on the rooftops. It is not too far from the vending machine #3. In fact you can find it just above the previous vending machine.


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