Stray – Scratch (Scratch The Vinyl) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Scratch is one of the many trophy achievements that can be unlocked within Stray. It requires you to find and scratch the vinyl in the club

This specific task can be done during Chapter 10 – Midtown. More specifically it can be done at the end of the chapter, after exploring the factory.

From there we can then enter the nightclub and play some DJ Kitty! (well sort of..)

When you are ready proceed to the alleyway near the large hologram, here we can find a robot named Alex looking outside of the window. This window actually leads to the nightclub and we need to access it.

Speak to Alex and he will let us inside.

(Note: We can get one of the B-12 memories whilst inside the nightclub)

Once you have successfully made it inside the nightclub we will then need to search around for the vinyl. You can actually find the vinyl sitting on top of one of the tables in the room.

From there take the vinyl to the DJ stage and insert it onto the deck. It’s time for kitty DJ to take to the stage!

Now that is some good music! I’d totally buy the album! Seriously though that is adorable!

Anyway the Scratch trophy achievement should then pop!


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