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I Remember! is one of the unlockable trophies and achievements within Stray. It requires you to gather all B-12 memories

The first memory location is actually unmissable and story related. From there we can continue our search from Chapter 4 – The Slums. Alternatively if you end up missing any memories during your trip to The Slums, we will get to return in Chapter 6.

There is a total of 27 memory locations to find altogether. Finding and getting them all will net you with the I Remember! trophy achievement

(Important Note: After you have successfully collected a memory be sure to then reach the next checkpoint. If you exit the game before reaching the next checkpoint, you will risk having to redo it)


MEMORY: Postcard (Story Related)
DESCRIPTION: I promised someone I would go there. Promised who?
GUIDE: This one is unmissable and story related.


MEMORY: Broken Robot
DESCRIPTION: It looks like this poor guy also wanted to go to the upper level
GUIDE: Make your way to the rooftops. You will find the broken robot on the rooftops behind a building sign.

MEMORY: Painting of a Robot
DESCRIPTION: This is an early model of a Companion. Back then they didn’t have any personality, they were just glorified autonomous cleaners.
GUIDE: For this one we need to purchase a total of 3 Energy Drinks from the vending machines. Meaning we will need to locate different vending machines, we cannot keep using the same machine in order to get more drinks from it.

VENDING MACHINE #1 – We can find this first vending machine near where Morusque is sat.

VENDING MACHINE #2 – From the first vending machine simply follow the path right and head straight, the vending machine is located at the end. Up the stairs.

VENDING MACHINE #3 – For this one we need to head to the rooftops. It will be on a balcony that can only be reached from the rooftops.

Simply find the vending machine and carefully drop down to it.

VENDING MACHINE #4 – The final vending machine can also be found on the rooftops. It is not too far from the vending machine #3. In fact you can find it just above the previous vending machine.

When you have all of the required Energy Drinks we can then head to merchant Azooz, who will give you the painting of a robot for 3 Energy Drinks. We can also get the music sheet from here too

MEMORY: Circuit Boards
DESCRIPTION: Do they really consume this?
GUIDE: Head to the second floor of the Dufer Bar. It will be on the table, next to the pool table.

MEMORY: Back Home 2 Poster
DESCRIPTION: Oh, Back Home 2, I remember this video game.
GUIDE: Head to Momo’s Apartment. The poster is on the wall next to the bed.

MEMORY: RIP Humans Graffiti
DESCRIPTION: Humans were the first residents around here. It seems that they’re all dead now.
GUIDE: We came across this one when we found vending machine #2

MEMORY: Robot Graffiti
DESCRIPTION: Remarkable. Companions have evolved so much.
GUIDE: Head towards where Morusque is sat and turn left down the alleyway (where the garbage bins are located). Here make your way up the building, towards the rooftop. We should then be able to locate the graffiti.

DESCRIPTION: The tree is a scientific marvel
GUIDE: Head to Elliot’s Apartment. We can access Elliot’s Apartment by translating the door to his building.

Once inside proceed and head to the second floor. The tree or plant will be on the chair.


MEMORY: Neon Sign
DESCRIPTION: The city is full of neon. It wasn’t always this way.
GUIDE: Keep heading up the rooftops and you should come across a large glowing neon sign.

MEMORY: Neco Corporation
DESCRIPTION: They were responsible for waste management
GUIDE: As you continue through the chapter you will end up needing to do some platform jumping over wooden poles and scaffolding. Once at the top you should then be able to locate the Neco Corporation sign.

MEMORY: Antenna
DESCRIPTION: Here it is. Put the Transceiver on this Antenna
GUIDE: This one is story related and unmissable


MEMORY: Huge Wall
DESCRIPTION: Look at how huge this wall is.
GUIDE: Near the abandoned white vehicle there will be a wall we can inspect

MEMORY: Retired Robot
DESCRIPTION: The scientist I used to work for always said he wanted to retire to a little cottage, fishing all day long.
GUIDE: Head past the ledge with several wall fans and vents, here you will come across a hole in the nearby gate. Head through this hole in the gate to find a robot we can inspect.

MEMORY: Mannequin
DESCRIPTION: I’ve seen humans wear costumes like this
GUIDE: We can find this one inside Doc’s building. Inspect the mannequin next to the sofa.


MEMORY: The Sewer System
DESCRIPTION: The sewer system. Yes, I remember now. Clean water was scarce.
GUIDE: Continue on and jump the metal walkway and turn right. From there head left into the dark tunnels. Once you reach the end of the tunnel you will come across this next one.

MEMORY: Substance
DESCRIPTION: This substance grows in all places where there are Zurks
GUIDE: After passing through a minefield of Zurks we will reach the pipes, follow them to the left. Then head through the tunnels to find this next one.


MEMORY: Machine
DESCRIPTION: This machine. The scientist I assisted used one of these.
GUIDE: Story related. Unmissable

MEMORY: Companion Graffiti
DESCRIPTION: This language. The Companion robots made it up from scratch. How impressive.
GUIDE: Near the robots playing mahjong (we can unlock the Cat-a-strophe trophy achievement here). There should be a set of white ladders that we can climb up, up here we can find and speak with Zbaltazar.

Next to these set of ladders, before going up them, we can find some graffiti on the wall. This is our next memory.


MEMORY: Subway Station
DESCRIPTION: I had completely forgotten this kind of transportation existed.
GUIDE: Story related. Unmissable

MEMORY: Bookcase
DESCRIPTION: There are so many books here
GUIDE: From the last memory simply head on up the stairs. Then at the top take a right to find this memory on a bookshelf

MEMORY: Rooftop Bed
DESCRIPTION: What I wouldn’t give to actually feel the softness of the pillows or the taste of a cold drink
GUIDE: In the area with all of the neon signs we will need to make our way down an alleyway and towards a vending machine. From there head to the rooftops to find a bed.

MEMORY: Barbershop
DESCRIPTION: The barbershop was a social hub where people would gather. Talk, tell jokes, share secrets.
GUIDE: This one can be found and located inside a building. We can find this building by heading right of the last memory, it is just around the corner.

Here jump through the open window and make your way up the ladder to a very narrow space between the ceiling. Here we can find the memory.

MEMORY: Robots Mimicking
DESCRIPTION: It’s interesting to see robots mimicking human work and behaviour.
GUIDE: Head to the open door of a nearby restaurant. In here there will be a gap in the ceiling that we can climb through, do so.

We will find the memory up here.

MEMORY: Sentinels
DESCRIPTION: The Sentinels. They were meant to protect people.
GUIDE: We can get this one after completing the Factory area. Head across the zipline (so cute) and then head up the stairs. Make your way towards the purple hologram.

There will be a building near this hologram with bikes outside of it, head inside to find this memory.

DESCRIPTION: When I was human, my friends and I would gather and party long into the night.
GUIDE: This one can be acquired after the Clementine Clue Board. Return to the area where you managed to find the ‘Rooftop Bed’ memory. This time we want to walk the wooden planks in order to find and speak with Alex.

Alex is the robot that is looking outside of the window. We will then be allowed inside the club. Once inside ride the bar counter down to the floor below. The memory is here.


MEMORY: Destroyed Robot
DESCRIPTION: It seems that the Sentinels are ruthless when it comes to defying them.
GUIDE: Clementine will mention that the Sentinels are blocking the way, that is basically up to us to get rid of it. The door will then be opened for us.

Our goal is to trap the Sentinel in the other cell room by luring it in there. When you have achieved this Clementine will then proceed to open the next door for us.

After this next door has been opened for us, we can then find the next memory to the right.


MEMORY: Control Room
DESCRIPTION: This is the Control Room for the entire city.
GUIDE: Story related. Unmissable.

For finding all 27 memories we will then be rewarded with the I Remember trophy achievement and a new Catpack


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