Stray – All Notebook Locations (Access To Chapter 5 Rooftops) Guide

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Whilst exploring Chapter 4 – The Slums within the adorable Stray. We will inevitably come across a section of this chapter that will require us to find several notebooks.

Once we manage to find these notebooks we will then need to hand them all over to Momo. This will then reward us with being able to unlock the Chapter 5 – Rooftops.

There is a total of 4 notebooks that will all need to be found and handed in to Momo.

NOTEBOOK: Momo’s Notebook
GUIDE: In order to get Momo’s notebook we will, of course, need to visit Momo. Speak to Momo and show them the postcard of the outside. Momo will then ask if we want to go there.

NOTEBOOK: Zbaltazar’s Notebook
GUIDE: For this one we will be required to shut down the vent. We can do this by heading to the rooftops.

Once on the rooftops search for a vent that we can interact with. It will be near a zipline. The vent here is preventing us from gaining access to the building.

To remedy this simply take out the battery and this will shut down the vent. We can then gain access to the building.

Once inside the building simply jump and knock over all of the stacked boxes, the notebook is hiding amongst them.

(Note: If you are having trouble trying to leave the room after collecting the notebook, then simply interact with the green curtain)

NOTEBOOK: Doc’s Notebook
GUIDE: Head to the rooftops and you should be able to find the sofa and TV (we can actually unlock the Tele A Chat trophy achievement here too).

Anyway just behind the sofa and TV there is a balcony we can jump to, this balcony will lead to the library.

Whilst inside the library there will be several books piled up on the floor, just behind these books there will be a small bed. On the bed there will be a note from Jess the Librarian. We will now get the keys to the safe.

Remain in the library and we will find the safe on one of the bookshelves, you may need to destroy the various piles of books in order to find it. Inside the safe is the notebook.

NOTEBOOK: Clementine’s Notebook
GUIDE: Head to the rooftops and find the open window by the large pipe (we can actually find one of the music sheets in here).

Anyway once inside make your way to the back room to find the computer. The notebook is next to the computer.

With all 4 notebooks now having been successfully found we can then hand them all in to Momo. We will now be given access to the Chapter 5 – Rooftops, alongside the Transceiver.


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