Stray – Boom Chat Kalaka (Dunk The Basketball) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Boom Chat Kalaka is one of the many unlockable trophies and achievements within Stray. It requires you to dunk the basketball. Should be simple, right?

Boom Chat Kalaka can be acquired from as early as Chapter 4 – The Slums. Where the basketball can be located near the merchant, Azooz.

This is, as said, quite a simple trophy achievement to unlock. As long as you are on Chapter 4 – The Slums we should have no real problem.

Near the merchant Azooz there will be a basketball, chances are you have already located it before you even worked out where Azooz even was. The basketball is not exactly in a tough to reach area, in fact it is quite easy to spot really. If you are somehow still unaware, then it is to the right of the stairs.

Simply tap the basketball into the large bin at the bottom of the stairs, near Azooz. Successfully pull this off and you will be rewarded with the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy achievement

See I told you it would be simple!


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