Stray – How To Get The Poncho For Elliot (Warm Cloth) Guide

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During your adventures through Stray you will more than likely come across Elliot, who owns the building that requires us to translate a door in order to gain access.

Now one of the tasks that Elliot will want us to fulfil is to get him a poncho (a cloth to help keep him warm whilst he works on the Tracker). In order to get him a poncho we will need to find various other necessary items first. This includes the Super Spirit Detergent and Electric Cable.

This can be a somewhat complicated task that requires quite a bit of running around. This whole procedure can be done during both Chapter 4 and Chapter 6.


In order to acquire the Super Spirit Detergent we will need to make our way up to the rooftops. Here we will find some robots throwing white paint tins to each other.

Now keep an eye on the robot throwing these white paint tins and make sure to meow when it is just about to throw a tin. This will cause the robot to accidentally drop the paint tin, needless to say the paint will now be all over the floor below.

All the chaos of the paint tin crashing to the floor will then alert Elliot, who will then leave his building and start trying to clean up the mess.

Having Elliot leave his building is very benefitting to us as now we can get inside Elliot’s building, where we can find this Super Spirit Detergent. It will be on the table by the window.


Now that we have acquired the Super Spirit Detergent we will now need to get the Electric Cable. This can be found and exchanged over at the merchant, Azooz.

Azooz is willing to give us the Electric Cable but only if we hand over the Super Spirit Detergent. Go ahead and do so.

(Note: We can also get one of the music sheets here too)


Finally we can now head to and speak with Grandma. When we speak with Grandma she says that she would be willing to make us a poncho, if only she had some Electric Cable. Give Grandma the Electric Cable and we will finally be able to give Elliot his poncho.

(Note: In order to give Elliot his poncho we will need to be on Chapter 6. Which is basically when we return back to The Slums)

Head to Elliot’s door and translate it in order for the door to then be opened. We can find Elliot on the second floor of the building.

We will now be rewarded with the Fixed Tracker


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