Stray – How To Find The Secret Room (Seamus – Chapter 6) Guide

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During Chapter 6, our return trip to The Slums area, we will confront Seamus. Who will be delighted to receive his papa’s notebook.

When Seamus reads his papa’s notebook he will discover that there is a secret room to be found, our job now is to locate and find it.

When you reach Chapter 6 – The Slums Part 2 we will confront the robot, Seamus. At first he will be fast asleep on the sofa. Unfortunately for him we need to wake him up.

Proceed to speak with Seamus, who will be rather frustrated with our presence. However, if you give him his papa’s notebook (Doc’s Notebook) he will quieten down. Turns out that there is a secret room in here.

In order to find it we will need to interact with the pictures on the wall, in doing so we will then discover that we need to find a Digicode.

We can find the Digicode by examining the clocks on the wall. Basically the time on the clocks is the required code that we are looking for.

In this secret room we can find and locate the Broken Tracker


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