Stray – Cat-a-strophe (Play Mahjong With The Robots) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Cat-a-strophe is another trophy achievement that we can unlock within Stray. This one requires us to play mahjong with the robots.

Cat-a-strophe is perhaps a fitting name considering that mahjong is not a very common game outside of Asian territories. It certainly feels like a ‘cat-a-strophe’ when faced with the challenge to try and play it. Plus we are a cat too, so that certainly makes things more interesting.

Anyway we can attempt to unlock this particular trophy achievement from as early as Chapter 9 – AntVillage.

Thankfully we don’t actually need to play it, I mean we are a cat, so it is kind of impossible. So, instead, our job is to ruin the robots little game of mahjong.

We can find these robots on Chapter 9 – AntVillage, where they will both be sat at a table enjoying their game of mahjong. Just minding their own business.

Unfortunately for them we are here to ruin their enjoyment. We can do this by running and jumping on to the table. This will cause them to stop playing and their mahjong playing pieces go flying off the board. Oops, sorry about that robots hehehe ..

When you have successfully ruined their fun the Cat-a-strophe trophy achievement will then pop!


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