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Badges is another trophy achievement that players can unlock within Stray. It requires you to collect all of the badges within the game

There is a total of 6 different badges that players will need to collect in order to earn this one. These include the Music Badge, Outsiders Badge, Plant Badge, Cat Badge, Police Badge, and Neco Badge.

Now in order to get these badges we will need to complete certain errands first. These errands usually consist of collecting other collectibles or by progressing through the story. So it will probably take a bit of time before you can pull this one off.

Once you have completed the necessary errand we will then be rewarded with one of the required badges.

(Important Note: After you have successfully collected a badge be sure to then reach the next checkpoint. If you exit the game before reaching the next checkpoint, you will risk having to redo it)


In order to get the Music Badge we will need to collect a total of 8 Music Sheets. These are usually found around The Slums. So basically you can accomplish this one during either Chapter 4 – The Slums or Chapter 6 – The Slums Part 2.

Once you have all 8 Music Sheets be sure to hand them over to Morusque in order to be rewarded with the Music Badge

GUIDE: This one requires us to head to the rooftops. From there head right towards an open window and balcony, where we can see someone sitting next to a TV (this is actually Momo’s Apartment). The music sheet is inside this building, on top of a shelf inside a room.

GUIDE: This one also requires us to explore the rooftops. Up here there will be a large pipe, next to this pipe is a balcony with tables and chairs. The music sheet is on this table.

GUIDE: Near music sheet #2 there will be an open window. This open window will lead to a bedroom. The music sheet is next to the bed.

GUIDE: From music sheet #6 head back out of the window and follow the large pipe across to the next rooftop. Here make your way towards the sofa and TV (you can unlock the Tele a Chat trophy achievement here)

Just behind the sofa and TV there will be another balcony, jump over to it and head inside. Here we will find a range of computers and books. If you keep exploring the room we will also find a piano, the music sheet in on this piano.

GUIDE: We can find this next one by accessing one of the buildings. Staying off the rooftops for now, there will be a door that we can use to translate. (This is actually Elliot’s Apartment)

By translating this door we will then gain access to the building. The music note is in here.

GUIDE: This one will require us to trade in an Energy Drink Can.

Proceed and inspect the vending machine so that we can get an Energy Drink from it. Then make your way to the merchant, Azooz.

Azooz has the music sheet that we need, inspect it and we will get told that they are willing to part with it if we give them an Energy Drink.

GUIDE: We can find this one at the Dufer Bar. It is upstairs on the second floor, on a table by the pool table

GUIDE: This final one requires a code for the mysterious safe that is located in the dead end alley near Morusque.

The code can be found and located inside the Dufer Bar. Simply head inside the bar and jump on to the counter.

At the counter there will be a picture that we can interact with, do so and the picture will then fall on to the floor. This will then reveal the password for the mysterious safe.

Head to where Morusque is located and there will be a safe down at this dead end. Insert the code from the bar to open it. We will then be rewarded with the final music sheet.


In order to get the Outsider Badge all we need to do is continue the story. The Outsider Badge will be a reward for having completed Chapter 6 – The Slums Part 2.

We will get the badge by speaking to Seamus, who will say that his papa will know that we are a friend using this badge.


The Plant Badge can be acquired during Chapter 9 – AntVillage. For this one we will be required to collect plants and then give them to Malo.

We will need to find and collect a total of 3 plants altogether; a purple plant, red plant, and a yellow plant.

When you have successfully collected all of the plants we can then give them to Malo in exchange for the Plant Badge.


We should be able to easily notice these purple plants by looking at the trees, this is a dead give away. So when you have managed to spot them begin climbing the tree and go ahead and collect the purple plant.


We can find the red plants by heading to the ground floor, near the water. Here there will be a collection of red plants. Look for some boxes and a few robots kneeling down near the water.


Head to the floor where we can find and speak with Zbaltazar. Head past Zbaltazar and continue to follow the walkway right to the end. Here we should be able to spot the yellow plants.


We can acquire the Cat Badge during Chapter 10 – Midtown, where we will be required to input a digicode into the safe.

We can find this safe by heading into the pharmacy stall and jumping up on to the shelves

You will then find the Cat Badge inside this safe. The digicode for the safe is 8542


In order to acquire the Police Badge we will need to be on Chapter 10 – Midtown, where we can find the badge on an old deceased robot.

From the hologram in Midtown start making your way towards the rooftops. If you keep climbing you should come across a set of bars leading to a cell. It will be just above a set of fans and vents.

Inside this cell is a deceased robot, inspect it to get the badge.


This final badge can be acquired during Chapter 10 – Midtown. For this one we will be tasked with finding the Worker Keys and handing them back to the worker. We can find this worker by the metal walkway.

Unfortunately this particular area is surrounded by Sentinels patrolling the area and we need to keep clear of them if we wish to proceed.

Anyway after speaking with the worker by the walkway we will now need to find his missing keys. We can begin by opening the area to the left of us.

We can open the area by using the lever just behind the patrolling Sentinel. This will then open the shutters on the left and allow us to proceed. Here we can find a robot scrubbing the floor.

Here use the moving containers to shield and protect yourself from the enemy Sentinels. From there just hop on to the oil drums floating around in order to find and collect the keys. It is amongst the oil drums to the right.

Return to the worker to claim your Neco Badge.


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