Stray – All 8 Music Sheet Locations (Meowlody) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Meowlody is a rather cute name for one of the unlockable trophies and achievements within Stray. It basically requires you to find and locate all of the missing music sheets and return them to Morusque

There is a total of 8 music sheets to find and collect altogether. We can begin our search as soon as we reach Chapter 4 – The Slums.

(Important Note: After you have successfully collected a music sheet be sure to then reach the next checkpoint. If you exit the game before reaching the next checkpoint, you will risk having to redo it)

When you reach Chapter 4 – The Slums we can find Morusque, where they will be sitting near a garage door and vending machine. In this location we can also unlock the Curiosity Killed The Cat trophy achievement too.

Anyway if you speak to Morusque we will learn that they are a musician but unfortunately they do not currently own any songs. This is where we come in, we now need to locate all 8 music sheets and hand them to Morusque.


GUIDE: This one requires us to head to the rooftops. From there head right towards an open window and balcony, where we can see someone sitting next to a TV (this is actually Momo’s Apartment). The music sheet is inside this building, on top of a shelf inside a room.

GUIDE: This one also requires us to explore the rooftops. Up here there will be a large pipe, next to this pipe is a balcony with tables and chairs. The music sheet is on this table.

GUIDE: Near music sheet #2 there will be an open window. This open window will lead to a bedroom. The music sheet is next to the bed.

GUIDE: From music sheet #6 head back out of the window and follow the large pipe across to the next rooftop. Here make your way towards the sofa and TV (you can unlock the Tele a Chat trophy achievement here)

Just behind the sofa and TV there will be another balcony, jump over to it and head inside. Here we will find a range of computers and books. If you keep exploring the room we will also find a piano, the music sheet in on this piano.

GUIDE: We can find this next one by accessing one of the buildings. Staying off the rooftops for now, there will be a door that we can use to translate. (This is actually Elliot’s Apartment)

By translating this door we will then gain access to the building. The music note is in here.

GUIDE: This one will require us to trade in an Energy Drink Can.

Proceed and inspect the vending machine so that we can get an Energy Drink from it. Then make your way to the merchant, Azooz.

Azooz has the music sheet that we need, inspect it and we will get told that they are willing to part with it if we give them an Energy Drink.

GUIDE: We can find this one at the Dufer Bar. It is upstairs on the second floor, on a table by the pool table

GUIDE: This final one requires a code for the mysterious safe that is located in the dead end alley near Morusque.

The code can be found and located inside the Dufer Bar. Simply head inside the bar and jump on to the counter.

At the counter there will be a picture that we can interact with, do so and the picture will then fall on to the floor. This will then reveal the password for the mysterious safe.

Head to where Morusque is located and there will be a safe down at this dead end. Insert the code from the bar to open it. We will then be rewarded with the final music sheet.

Once you have successfully collected all 8 music sheets we can then hand them all over to Morusque. The Meowlody trophy achievement will then pop! We will also get the Music Badge


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