Stray – How To Leave The Flat (Chapter 3 – Batteries / Digicode) Guide

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During Chapter 3 of your adventures through the adorable Stray you will be tasked with trying to exit the flat. Basically we need to head outside.

However, during this section we will need to find ways to unlock doors and to find batteries. Some of which can be rather tricky to find and spot.

The batteries will be required to boot up the system within the room and allow us to activate B-12. Whereas we need the digicode to actually get outside and past the remaining door.

This guide will hopefully help you get past all of this so you can continue exploring..


So here we are locked inside the flat and we need to find a way out. We can start trying to find a way out by inspecting the large computer screen. It seems as though someone or something is trying to communicate with us. They apparently need help.

Being a cat, we can’t exactly type much of a response. Still we can try to at least bring some sort of comfort. So head on up to the computer keyboard and start walking around on it. Continue to do this and we will get a response that relates to entering a door ‘ENTER THE DOOR. TURN ON. FIND A BODY

This is actually our next task before we can actually go outside and escape the flat. Basically we need to locate the B-12 droid and activate it.


Okay in order to find this B-12 droid we will first need to activate the door leading to the required room that B-12 is currently in. We can do this by finding and placing all of the batteries.

The first battery can be found after jumping and activating the lever in the room. This will then send out a monitor that has the first battery that we need.

When you have the first battery we will then want to insert it into the large computer terminal, it does not matter which slot you place it in as we need to find all of the batteries for each slot. There will be 4 batteries to find altogether


Battery #2There will be a battery on the table in the middle of the room.

BATTERY #3 – We can find this one on top of the large bookcase. Use the stool to reach and get up here

BATTERY #4 – The final battery can be found on the smaller bookcase. Use the screen terminal to get up here.


After you have successfully found all four batteries and inserted them, the bookcase will then reveal a secret room. B-12 is in here.

Head in to the newly revealed room and make your way on to the boxes that are all conveniently piled up alongside the left wall. Here we can find the box containing the B-12.

Drop the B-12 box on to the floor, this will then cause the B-12 droid to fall out. Take the B-12 droid and insert it into the computer tray. There will be arrows pointing to where we need to go, just look at the various computer monitors if you are unsure.

The B-12 droid will now be activated and our new companion will now join us.


With the B-12 droid now having been activated we will briefly be guided on what to do next. Unlock the door with the aid of the B-12 droid and we will finally be able to locate the exit door.

Unfortunately the exit door requires a Digicode before we can finally get to leave the flat and explore the outside world.

In order to find this Digicode we will have to venture into the nearby door. The code is written on the board in this room, move the paint tin to reveal the rest of the code if need be.

Enter the Digicode into the door and we will be able to finally leave the flat and explore the outside world.


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