Stray – Tele a Chat (Browse TV Channels) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Tele a Chat is another unlockable trophy achievement that players can get whilst exploring the adorable world of Stray.

Tele a Chat requires players to browse through all of the TV channels. This can be done whilst adventuring through The Slums. We can access The Slums during Chapter 4.

In order to unlock the Tele a Chat trophy achievement we will need to browse through all of the available TV channels. We can do this during Chapter 4, whilst exploring The Slums area.

In order to find the necessary TV we will have to do some rooftop jumping and climbing. The reason for this is due to the actual TV being situated on the rooftops.

So head to the rooftops and follow the large pipe across to the next building rooftop. Remember to keep following the rooftops.

Up here on the rooftops we should come across the sofa and TV, this is what we are looking for. Once you successfully manage to find it, simply hop on to the sofa and play around with the TV remote.

Keep playing around with the TV remote and the nearby TV will change channels, keep browsing and flicking through the various channels until the Tele a Chat trophy achievement pops. Simple!


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