Stray – Curiosity Killed The Cat (Wear The Paper Bag) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Curiosity Killed The Cat is one of the trophy achievements that players can unlock whilst playing the adorable Stray.

Curiosity Killed The Cat requires players to find and wear the paper bag. This can be done whilst you are exploring The Slums area. We can access The Slums area during Chapter 4.

In order to find the required paper bag you will have to travel to The Slums area. Here we will find a ledge that leads to a vending machine and a garage door. This area will also look like a bit of a dead end and will have one of the homeless sitting nearby (Morusque)

However, more importantly, in this area we can also locate a stack of wooden crates. Next to these wooden crates there will be an empty paper bag!

(Note: There will be a safe down here that we can unlock. Speaking to Morusque here will also uncover a new trophy achievement that we can unlock. For guides on both of these please refer to the Meowlody trophy achievement)

When you spot this paper bag simply interact with it and our feline friend will automatically wear it. The Curiosity Killed The Cat trophy achievement will then pop!


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