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During Chapter 10 – Midtown we will be tasked with having to give Blazer a message from one of his contacts. This will then result in us having to get inside the Neco Corp factory, which is being powered by the Atomic Battery.

Unfortunately access to this factory is very much off limits, unless you happen to be one of the workers. We will now be tasked with having to get both a Worker Jacket and a Worker Helmet for Blazer.

Go ahead and give Blazer the Contact Message and he will give us a brief rundown on the Atomic Battery and the Neco Corp factory. He will then task us with having to find both the Worker Helmet and Worker Jacket.


In order to find and get the Worker Jacket we will need to head towards Clementine’s apartment. Here we will be able to locate a robot named Simon. Simon will be standing next to the small tree by the flight of stairs.

Near Simon there will be a Cassette Tape, take it and we will be caught for stealing. Simon will then agree to let us keep the tape as long as we destroy and take out the surveillance cameras in the area.

To take down one of these cameras we will need to find and jump on to them, only be doing this can we move on.

There will be a total of 3 surveillance cameras to find altogether. All of which are relatively easy to find and are located within the same area.

Destroy them all and report back to Simon. We will now be allowed to take the Cassette Tape.

Return to where Blazer is currently stood and we should be able to find a clothes and fashion store. The store is literally just around the corner from Blazer, near the small ramp.

Head inside the store and into the back room where we will be able to find a cassette player. Insert the cassette tape we got from Simon and this will cause the member of staff to leave the counter in order to investigate.

Now return towards the door to the store and there will be several mannequins all with jackets on display. We now need to go ahead and steal the red jacket (Worker’s Jacket)


For this one we will need to find and head inside the bar. The bar is north west of the fashion store. So not far, it will have red neon signs outside of it.

Whilst inside the bar we should be able to find a robot wearing a Worker’s Jacket, hmm I wonder if they have a Worker’s Helmet nearby. Anyway just above them is a shelf.

Use the stool in the back to jump and reach the shelves, where we can find a crate full of bottles. Go ahead and ”accidentally’ knock this crate on to the worker below. This will then force the worker to walk off. Follow them.

The worker will lead us to another worker, who does not look very happy. Anyway regardless of that, near this other worker there will be a white box with Neco written on. Quickly hide inside this box.

Turns out the sleepy worker is late for his shift, now it makes sense.

Anyway we will now be taken inside a store which will, conveniently, have hats on display. One of these hats is a Worker’s Helmet. Steal it.

In order to get back outside the store and avoid being detected by the workers, there will be a vent that we can use to escape. Search for the vent and exit the store.

Report back to Blazer and hand over both the Worker’s Jacket and Worker’s Helmet.


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