Stray – All 12 Scratching Locations (Territory) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Territory is an unlockable trophy achievement within Stray. It requires you to Scratch in every chapter. This usually involves having to scratch various trees and carpets.

There is a total of 12 scratching locations and we need to find and scratch in all of them in order to unlock the Territory trophy achievement

Thankfully there is more than one scratching location in certain chapters, making this task a little easier to complete. However, you only need to scratch in one location per chapter. As there are 12 chapters in total, we only need to cover one scratching location per chapter in order to complete this one.

CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Inside The Wall
GUIDE: Just keep searching to the left of the area as you continue to climb the ledges, there should be a tree that you can scratch on.

CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Dead City
GUIDE: Head to the apartment where we will be instructed to follow a screen for directions on where to go.

When you reach the room with the bunk beds there will be a carpet to scratch on.

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – The Flat
GUIDE: Here we can find a carpet to scratch on. It will be in the room with the computer and books.

CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – The Slums
GUIDE: There is a carpet in the area that the Guardian seems to be protecting.

CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – Rooftops
GUIDE: We will find a carpet to scratch as soon as we reach the rooftops, after riding the zipline.

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – The Slums Part 2
GUIDE: As soon as the chapter begins there will, conveniently, be a carpet for us to scratch on

CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – Dead End
GUIDE: After being introduced to Doc, there will be some wallpaper that we can scratch at in the back room. By the clock.

CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Sewers
GUIDE: After opening the shutter door continue up the following set of stairs. There will be a small piece of carpet that we can scratch to the left.

CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – AntVillage
GUIDE: After discovering one of the B-12 memory at the start of the area, (Note: We can also unlock the Cat-a-strophe trophy achievement here too)

Near the robots playing mahjong there will be a board that we can use to scratch

CHAPTER: Chapter 10 – Midtown
GUIDE: From the train continue up the stairs and you will encounter a robot trying to run away from something (basically the Sentinel law). Keep to the left and you will come across a structure, there is carpet we can scratch behind this structure.

CHAPTER: Chapter 11 – Jail
GUIDE: After tricking the Sentinel into one of the rooms (Note: We can find a B-12 memory here). Continue on alongside Clementine.

In the next room there will be a damaged vent that we can access through, this will take us outside. Where we can find and scratch a tree.

CHAPTER: Chapter 12 – Control Room
GUIDE: This final one is actually unmissable and story related. You will basically need to scratch at the security wires in order to get through the Control Room door.


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