Tales Of Arise – Doc’s Secret Ingredient (Sub-Quest / Side Quest) Guide

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One of the optional activities that players can find and complete are the side quests (or in this case sub-quests), these are usually scattered all throughout the game. They are also marked with a ‘letter symbol’ above the NPC.

Sub-quests become available as soon as you arrive to the town of Ulzebek

For completing 70 sub-quests you will be rewarded with the Rebellious Spark and Problem Solver trophy achievement

For the purpose of this specific page we will be focusing on the sub-quest Doc’s Secret Ingredient, which involves finding Pepper

  • QUEST NAME: Doc’s Secret Ingredient
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Departing Calaglia
  • LOCATION: Mosgul
  • REWARDS: Kebab Recipe, Life Bottle x2, 700 Gald
  • GUIDE:
  • This quest will become available when you are able to leave Calaglia
  • Simply speak to Doc over in Mosgul. Turns out he is running low on Pepper which he needs to create medicines.
  • Our objective is to now find x4 Pepper
  • I already had the required amount prior to the sub-quest. However, if you do not then you can find the Pepper over in Kyrd Garrison
  • You can find them on large green bushes
  • If you still need more then remember you can always leave the area and re-enter, this will force the ingredients to respawn
  • Once you have enough return back to Doc in order to complete the quest.


Doc asks a despondent Alphen to harvest some Pepper, which can be found growing around Mosgul. Once you’ve collected enough, deliver them to Doc


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