Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous – A Farewell (Side Quest Errand Quest) Guide

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As with most role-playing games out there players can expect to enjoy a vast range of both main story quests as well as optional side quests, or errands as they are called in this game, as they continue through the world of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

This specific page will be focused on the A Farewell (Side Quest Errand Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: A Farewell
  • QUEST TYPE: Companion Quest
  • LOCATION: Crusader’s Camp
  • QUEST GIVER: Sosiel
  • PREREQUISITE: The Beginning Of A Long Road
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing The Beginning Of A Long Road you will then be able to activate this quest
  • Whilst you are exploring the Crusader’s Camp you will find Sosiel, he will currently be painting next to the Commander’s Tent
  • Apparently Sosiel wishes to visit the Martyr Zacharius’s Cemetery in order to attend a funeral. He also wants us to accompany him.
  • Martyr Zacharius’s Cemetery will now be added to the map, so lets go there.
  • We will now automatically be at the funeral, during which the place will suddenly be swarmed with zombies.
  • It seems that a cultist is responsible for reanimating the dead. We now need to find and deal with him. So explore the town and rescue any innocent people that you may come across in the process.
  • The place is rather linear and small, so there isn’t too many enemies to deal with. However, if you head through the door here you should encounter the cultist (Necromancer – level 5 Wizard)
  • After taking care of him, the quest will then end. You will now be rewarded with 330XP and Scroll of Frigid Touch


The army begins its march from Kenabres. Many of those undertaking this journey will not return for a long time. Many more will not return at all. The young cleric still has one thing left to do in the city – bidding a final farewell to someone important to him.


The young cleric wants to discuss something important. It might be a good idea to hear what he has to say


Over the time he spent in Kenabres, Sosiel’s brothers and sisters in faith became like a second family to him. Shelyn’s faithful even bravely sacrificed themselves so that Sosiel could survive. The least he can do now is bid them farewell one last time, before leaving for war.


Demons and their followers are rarely satisfied with simply killing mortals. Then often seek twisted ways to desecrate the memory of the fallen and break the morale of those who survive. A prime example of this vile mockery of the natural order is forcing Sosiel to fight through the reanimated corpses of his friends or die at their hands!


The cultist who reanimated the corpses of Sosiel’s friends cannot have gone far. He is still lurking somewhere nearby, and the townsfolk have no idea how dangerous he is. He must be found, before he unleashes yet more horror


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