Tales Of Arise – In Search Of Medicine (Garrison Guardhouse) Story Quest Guide

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After successfully saving Calaglia and destroying the lord there, you will then be tasked with having to find some medicine for Rinwell

The problem is that this medicine isn’t exactly marked on the map, so trying to find it can be somewhat tricky. I mean we do have the whole ‘Garrison Guardhouse’ hint but still, when you enter the guardhouse there are still no hints and there are a few rooms here.

So for those who may be struggling, here is where you can find the necessary medicine…

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: In Search Of Medicine
  • LOCATION: Kyrd Garrison
  • GUIDE:
  • Okay as said the only hint to find this medicine is to head to the Garrison Guardhouse, so basically you will need to travel to Kyrd Garrison, hence the name really I guess.
  • Now there is at least two guardhouses here, one that contains the bedroom and the other is more of a cafeteria of sorts as it basically has tables and chairs. The one that you want to be in is more to the South West.
  • The South West Guardhouse has the various tables and chairs, now you may find it confusing and lost as there is no marker that leads to the medicine. Which is surprising really as everything else seems to have markers so far.
  • In fact it isn’t until you get closer to the medicine when a marker does finally show itself. Anyway in the room with the various tables and chairs, you will want to navigate your way to the back of the room
  • Here you will see a bookcase, now if you go closer to it you will also see the elusive quest marker too alongside the necessary medicine
  • Grab the medicine and we can then finally continue with the game…


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