Tales Of Arise – Supply Procurement (Sub-Quest / Side Quest) Guide

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One of the optional activities that players can find and complete are the side quests (or in this case sub-quests), these are usually scattered all throughout the game. They are also marked with a ‘letter symbol’ above the NPC.

Sub-quests become available as soon as you arrive to the town of Ulzebek

For completing 70 sub-quests you will be rewarded with the Rebellious Spark and Problem Solver trophy achievement

For the purpose of this specific page we will be focusing on the sub-quest Supply Procurement, which involves us having to bring back some goods for the Inn

  • QUEST NAME: Supply Procurement
  • LOCATION: Ulzabek
  • QUEST GIVER: Dyron
  • REWARDS: 800 Gald, 200SP, What’s In A Name? (Trophy Achievement), Rebellious Spark (Trophy Achievement)
  • GUIDE:
  • This specific sub-quest is actually unmissable and part of the main story. It will trigger when you first arrive at Ulzabek
  • Speak to Dyron by the Inn in order to begin..
  • We will now learn that Dyron sent some men to go and collect some cargo from the Zionne Mines. Apparently these men should be at the Sandinus Ravine and it is our task to get this cargo from them
  • Our next destination is the Sandinus Ravine
  • Continue to follow the linear path of the Sandinus Ravine and you will arrive at your destination
  • After the scene report back to Dyron in order to complete the quest
  • We will now be given a tutorial on Titles and how to unlock new artes and skills


The Crimson Crows have asked for help gathering some materials. Meet up with the liaison at the Sandinus Ravine

Renan forces have wiped out the Crimson Crows that were dispatched, confiscating all but a small pot. Report the news to Dyron back in Ulzebek.


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