The Disgrace Of The Salazar Family (Ramon’s Portrait) Resident Evil 4 Remake

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In the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake there are various requests that can be found and completed. Most of them resides near the merchant and the typewriter. Most obvious on walls and as blue notes.

These requests are similar to side quests in that they supply us with optional side activities. Sometimes we will be required to locate various collectibles, other times to destroy specific objects and enemies. All of the requests are located on blue notes. So we will need to find and locate these notes in order to learn more about the task and objective. Each chapter has at least one of these requests that we can try to solve.

As a reward for having successfully completed these requests we will most often be rewarded with Spinels, which can then be sold for ptas to the merchant. They are basically treasure that we can then sell. Usually these are traded for various rewards from the Merchant. Rewards such as healing herbs, weapon parts, new weapons, and treasure maps. There is a vast range of different rewards to choose from.

Once you have successfully managed to completed the required task we can then speak with the Merchant in order to complete it and move on to the next one. Only by speaking with the Merchant will we be able to reap our rewards.

One such request within the Resident Evil 4 Remake is the The Disgrace Of The Salazar Family request, which sees us having to deface Ramon’s portrait. We can find and complete this one during chapter 12.

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REQUEST: Deface Ramon’s Portrait
AREA: See Attached Photograph
REWARD: x4 Spinel
CHAPTER: Chapter 12
DESCRIPTION: That detestable Ramon Salazar… Even the very sight of his image makes my skin crawl. Do me a service and find some way to deface the portrait of him in the room shown in the photograph, will you?
I’m not particular about how you do it. Hitting it with something might do the trick.


At the start of the chapter ride up the elevator once again, Ada Wong will get in contact with Leon. Then once at the top we will come across both the Merchant and the blue request note. The latter of which will be pinned on the wall next to the gondola and another blue request (Jewel Thief).

Now before you ride the gondola we need to head through the large gate here. Making our way back to the Antechamber and Throne Room. There will be more Novistadors and Zealots here, ignore them as fighting them is not necessary. Make your way to the Throne Room. By riding the Gondola we will reach a place of no return. So make sure you go through the large gate that is next to the Merchant.

Once you reach the Throne Room, there will be several chickens running around. We need their eggs for this task. It does not matter which egg we use, just make sure to grab one. Then equip the egg, do NOT use or eat it. Instead we need to throw it at a specific painting or picture. More to the point, this picture will feature Ramon Salazar. It is located to the left of the throne room chair.

Throw the egg at this painting in order to complete this request.


Now in order to deface the Ramon Salazar portrait we need to find chicken eggs. It does not matter what kind of egg it is. Even the elusive Golden Egg is also an option, though not really recommended.

If you do not have any chicken eggs in your possession, then do not worry. Thankfully there are chickens that are located next to the Salazar portrait, so we don’t really need to go that far in order to find them.

Now, at first, you may come into the main room and notice that the chickens have not yet laid any eggs. Not to worry. Unfortunately though, they will not lay eggs on demand.

So instead you will need to wait and follow them around. I have noticed that the much darker feathered chicken seems to lay eggs more regularly than its other sidekick in the room. Perhaps, this is because its a female? Who knows how to even recognise the gender of these birds.

Anyway be patient and the clucking feathered friend will eventually begin to lay down. When it does this it is an indication that it is about to lay its eggs. Collect the egg and it will then appear in your inventory.

Head into your inventory and select the egg, do NOT use it. Instead you want to equip it.

Chicken eggs are mighty useful within the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake, this is mainly because they can be used to heal any damage that you may have taken during your journey. Which is super useful if the Green Herbs are not an option.


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