The Quarry – How To Open Jacob’s Cell (Switch Puzzle) Guide

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During Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast Jacob will find himself locked inside a cell and we will need to rescue him.

In order to do this however, we will need to solve a switch puzzle.

In order to rescue Jacob we will need to correctly flip the correct breaker switches within the fuse boxes. There will be multiple switches and breakers that we can choose from but there is a certain order in which to do this. We need to correctly work out this order and make sure we flip the correct ones.

The first breaker switches that we will need to flip is the following; Breaker Switch 2 and 3

From there we will then have the choice to either abandon or continue. For the purpose of this guide we will want to choose the continue option. This will allow us to turn our attention back to the breaker switches and resume trying to free Jacob.

The final set of breaker switches that we will need to flip are as follows; Breaker Switch 1 and 2

This will then successfully free Jacob.


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