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Collecting tarot cards is only one of the many hidden collectibles within The Quarry. They are usually found throughout the various available chapters.

There is a total of 22 available tarot cards to find and collect altogether. Getting them all will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Decked Out and Forewarned is Forearmed

Below is a list of available tarot cards and where to find each one.

CHAPTER: Chapter Prologue
LOCATION: Prologue Woods
DESCRIPTION: The Fool… I wonder who this is? We all know a fool when we see one. Don’t we? Innocence and freedom? Or recklessness and risk-taking? Spontaneity… Actions without thought, but the consequences to match. Think. Think and don’t get burnt.
GUIDE: You can get this first collectible after the car accident scene, where you will be playing as Laura. Here make your way through the forest and you should be able to find this card

CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever!
DESCRIPTION: Temperance. To be balanced, to consume in moderation. Or to indulge in excess. Temperance. Take it or leave it… but remember sometimes, with temperance, comes deferred gratification.
GUIDE: Head inside the Lodge by going through the window. You will now find yourself in a room full of books. Now head for the kitchen in order to find this Tarot Card

CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Truth or Dare
DESCRIPTION: The Hanged Man! To be the hanged man is to surrender… and by doing so gain a new perspective. So look carefully, and consider that sometimes, one needs to be strung up, in order to let go…
GUIDE: You can get this one by using the Chapter Select option. This option unlocks after having completed the story at least once.

During the chapter you will be given the option to either travel to Shady Glade or Rocky Road. Choose the Rocky Road option

Follow the path on until you reach a junction, here turn and head left. Continue on along the path and the screen will jump to the tarot card.

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise
DESCRIPTION: The Tower. Jump free of your troubles. Fight or flight. That’s the question we all ask ourselves… but often when leaping out of danger, we’re still faced with certain peril. Watch your step, it could be your last.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as the character Abi continue through the dark woods, the camera will point towards the Tarot Card. It will be on a tree.

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise
DESCRIPTION: Oh, it’s The Star. Stars. In the night sky. Beacons of light. Dreams of hope, purpose… or a reminder of our insignificance, fear of despair. Trust in the light of the star, with it comes clarity, and sometimes proof.
GUIDE: Switching to the character Jakob now. Head to the pier and you will find the card by the boats.

CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic
DESCRIPTION: The Magician! The incredible, the unbelievable. The mystical sensational!… Perceptive manipulation – the work of a magician. Now you see it. Now you don’t. Blink and you miss it. And you wouldn’t want to miss it.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Emma turn around and head down the steps towards the lake. Here you will find the tarot card.

CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic
DESCRIPTION:  Strength. Strength can be surprising. Knowing one’s own raw power. Tapping into a previously unknown energy. I suppose there are forces at work within us all.. and with one hand it gives, and with the other it could rip away.
GUIDE: As Dylan we will come across a scene involving a wheelbarrow and the team talking about horses. Keep your eyes open as you will have a very short limited time in which to grab this one.

As soon as the scene switches from the wheelbarrow, the camera will then switch to a room full of tables. Take the tarot card and be quick!

CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – White Noise
LOCATION: Camp Cabins
DESCRIPTION: The Devil. Without restriction, like a shadow torn from one’s corporal form. Pay close attention and act before the demon’s unleashed. Each of us have one, even those who are pure of heart and say their prayers by night.
GUIDE: Whilst at the Camp Cabins head towards the swing and the camera should point to the tarot card.

CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – White Noise
LOCATION: Camp Cabins
DESCRIPTION: Here we have The Hermit. With the hermit comes isolation, loneliness… but reflection, too. Perhaps, given some thought, the hermit who gives chase can guide you to safety. But that all depends on your actions, not his.
GUIDE: This tarot card can be found to the left of the radio hut

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night
DESCRIPTION: Justice… An eye for an eye. Not exactly, in some cases… but cause and effect. Actions and consequences. There’s a balance to everything, and we all play a part in making sure the scales aren’t tipped.
GUIDE: Head down the steps now and away from the wooden platform. Once you reach the bottom step turn and head left to find this one.

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night
LOCATION: Poolhouse
DESCRIPTION: The Moon. How poignant. Tonight of all nights. To harness your fear and anxiety… and turn them in to intuition. If you can do this, and plan ahead – your cunning might just save your life.
GUIDE: At the Poolhouse head into the shower room to find The Moon tarot card.

CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – The Past Behind Us
LOCATION: Laura’s Cell
DESCRIPTION: Ah, The World… Often travellers’ paths are direct. But sometimes, it is not so simple. Sometimes they’re intertwined with others. Compassion over anger. You’ll need friends where you’re going. It is not until we fall into the belly of the beast that we realize how perilous things can be.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Laura you will find yourself in a cell. Head towards the cell door to find the tarot card under the bed.

CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – The Past Behind Us
DESCRIPTION: The Chariot! At the reins of a chariot, we would all feel safer. Taking control, relying on determination to make our choices. Valiant… but in some cases foolish. Many seek refuge in chariots, but perhaps, in some cases, they’re not as safe as we think they are.
GUIDE: When we regain control of Laura we will now be able to escape the cell. From here keep exploring until you reach a room full of desks. The tarot card is in here.

CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast
LOCATION: Quarry Mines
DESCRIPTION: The Lovers. There’s harmony in disagreement, brought to light only by sparks of passion. Blood flows from the heart. You can almost taste it. And tasting it could save someone’s life.
GUIDE: Head across the metal walkway now in order to trigger a scene involving our characters almost falling. Continue on and the camera should then reveal the tarot card for us to collect.

CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast
COLLECTIBLE: Wheel of Fortune
LOCATION: Quarry Mines
DESCRIPTION: The Wheel of Fortune. After all, fortune is nothing but a spinning wheel. Sometimes you have to take a chance. Karma works in mysterious ways, but it favors those who pay attention. Watch closely. Though the wheel spins, the eagle-eyed can tell where it’s going to stop.
GUIDE: Head through the tunnels in order for the camera to pick out this one for us.

CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast
LOCATION: Hackett Basement
DESCRIPTION: The Empress. Look at her. Those at the top can fall the hardest. Such a shame – to nurture little monsters only to live long enough to watch them kill you. But it’s no less than she deserves.
GUIDE: We will now be playing as the character Ryan. We can find The Empress tarot card in the boiler area.

CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast
LOCATION: Hackett Basement
DESCRIPTION: The Emperor. Authority, paternity… Structures designed to topple, no? How the mighty may fall, and their empires with them. Let them bleed. Let them rip each other apart. Let them rot.
GUIDE: Head through the basement and the camera will nicely locate this one for us.

CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Matriarch
LOCATION: Hackett House
DESCRIPTION: Death. Death takes many forms… it could mean change, transition, transformation… often interpreted as a beacon for the hopeful. In your case, it just means death.
GUIDE: Head towards the bed and the camera will locate this one.

CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Matriarch
LOCATION: Hackett House
DESCRIPTION: The Sun. The vitality of a new day. There’s still time to wake up to the warmth of a night survived. Your choices, your actions… Your very life hangs in the balance. It’s up to you to find your path in the darkness, and see the sun rise once again.
GUIDE: Continue along the second floor and you will come to an end door on the right, head in here. The camera will, again, locate the tarot card.

CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Matriarch
LOCATION: Scrapyard
DESCRIPTION: Judgment. Judgement day is upon us! That’s what you’d expect from this card, isn’t it? Though perhaps in this case it’s simpler than that. Perhaps one’s own judgement, a snap decision to make, can save them from their own personal day of reckoning. Every step matters, every decision topping the balance one way or the other. Take your time. Think. And maybe survive.
GUIDE: Activate the switch to unlock the gate. Head through the gate and follow the path around. Eventually you will reach some stairs, climb up them.

The tarot card is up here, on the containers.

CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Matriarch
COLLECTIBLE: The Hierophant
DESCRIPTION: My poor boy. Do you see what they did to us? How they hurt us? He’s out there still. All alone. Each full moon they hunt him, armed with silver. Trying to put an end to a curse they inflicted upon themselves when they set my show ablaze six years ago. Stupid children. But little Silas. My little white wolf. He must be protected. You must not follow this path. Do you understand? Remember how I’ve helped you all this time.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Abigail. In the room full of books there will be some stairs, climb the stairs to find the tarot card.

CHAPTER: Chapter 10 – The Final Girl
COLLECTIBLE: The High Priestess
LOCATION: Lodge Main Hall
DESCRIPTION: Eliza was killed in the fire that broke out at her travelling show six years ago. Her ghost roams the woods of Hackett’s Quarry ever since, and she’s been determined to get revenge on the Hackett family for what they did to her. Her tarot cards, once lost in the blaze, have allowed her to guide you through the night… though her motives may not have been as transparent as first thought.
GUIDE: Head up to the third floor now and you will find this tarot card here.


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