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Collecting evidence is only one of the many hidden collectibles within The Quarry. They are usually found throughout the various available chapters.

There is a total of 10 available evidence to find and collect altogether. Getting them all will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Conspiracy Theorist and The Truth Is Out There

Below is a list of available evidence and where to find each one.

CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever!, Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise
COLLECTIBLE: Bloated Corpse
DESCRIPTION: A bloated, decomposing corpse chained to the bottom of the lake
GUIDE: During the scene with Jakob and the van we will get the option to either Break Fuel Line or Steal Rotor Arm. Choose the Steal Rotor Arm option

This is a hidden collectible that requires you to go down a specific path. It is required for a collectible on Chapter 3

CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever!
LOCATION: Camp Cabins – Summer Camp
DESCRIPTION: An empty vial with an unpleasant odour.
GUIDE: You can find this at the Camp Cabins, simply inspect the large tree in the middle of the area.

CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Truth or Dare
LOCATION: Store Room
DESCRIPTION: Torn hiking bags, dashed with flecks of dried blood
GUIDE: Whilst at the Camp Store you will come across a locked door. Unlock it and head inside. Here you will find the torn bags in the corner of the room

CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise
COLLECTIBLE: Bloated Corpse
LOCATION: Lake Septimus
DESCRIPTION: A bloated, decomposing corpse chained to the bottom of the lake
GUIDE: In order to get this evidence you are required to choose the Steal Rotor Arm option during Chapter 1. From there we will eventually get a scene where we will end up losing the rotor arm and be presented with the following options; Dive In or Help Abi Choose to Dive In

By trying to grab the rotor arm we will stumble across the ‘bloated corpse’

CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic
LOCATION: Treehouse
DESCRIPTION: A blurry, close-up photo of Emma being attacked at the treehouse.
GUIDE: Enter the treehouse hut now. Here we will be given the choice to either Open Trapdoor or Search Bag. Choose the Search Bag option

We will then get a scene and another set of options to choose from, Use Bear Spray or Use Taser. Choose the Use Taser option

After using the taser be sure to take a photo

CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – White Noise
LOCATION: Camp Cabins
DESCRIPTION: Large, jagged claw marks on the wall of the radio hut.
GUIDE: Head to the building by the cliff wall (radio hut) and you can spot this one by the ventilation box.

CHAPTER: Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night
LOCATION: Hackett Woods
DESCRIPTION: The memory card from a broken and dirty camera, lost in the woods.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Jacob head up the steps and follow the wooden platform. The memory card can be found in the corner of this platform, near the cliff wall.

CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – The Past Behind Us
COLLECTIBLE: Cease & Desist Letter
LOCATION: Sheriff’s Office
DESCRIPTION: A letter instructing those behind the ‘Bizarre Yet Bonafide’ podcast to stop investigating Hackett’s Quarry.
GUIDE: Head up the small flight of steps. The letter is on the table here.

CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – The Belly Of The Beast
COLLECTIBLE: Scarred Flesh
LOCATION: Quarry Mines
DESCRIPTION: A lump of what appears to be damaged or scarred flesh
GUIDE: Continue to follow the metal walkway all the way to the very top. You will then find this evidence next to a stone pillar.

CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Matriarch
COLLECTIBLE: Kaylee’s Letter
LOCATION: Hackett House
DESCRIPTION: Kaylee Hackett’s letter of confession, addressed to her Grandmother.
GUIDE: Whilst playing as Ryan. The letter is located next to the set of drawers by the mirror

CHAPTER: Chapter 10 – The Final Girl
COLLECTIBLE: Trail Cam Footage
LOCATION: Lodge Attic
DESCRIPTION: Archived trail cam footage from Hackett Woods, dating back 6 years.
GUIDE: We can find the last collectible next to the collection of blue boxes


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