The Quarry – Nick Of Time (Fastest Route To Nick) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Nick of Time is one of the many available trophy achievements that players can unlock within The Quarry. It involves having to choose the fastest route in order to reach Nick.

The trophy achievement can be unlocked during Chapter 3 – Trouble In Paradise, whilst playing as Ryan.

Whilst playing as Ryan we will find ourselves trying to get to Nick. During this story segment we will also be given various different options to choose from in order to get to Nick.

Our options include to either Take Shortcut or Follow Path. For the purpose of this specific guide we will want to choose the Take Shortcut option

This will then result in having to successfully complete various QTE segments. After these QTE segments we will then be given the same options as before. To either Take Shortcut or Follow Path.

Again we want to choose the Take Shortcut option. We will be given more QTE segments followed by the Nick of Time trophy achievement


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