The Quarry – Just A Flesh Wound (Saved A Friend From Infection) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Just A Flesh Wound is one of the many available trophy achievements that players can unlock within The Quarry. It involves saving a friend from infection.

The trophy achievement can be unlocked by picking specific choices, with the first choice appearing during Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever! Whilst at the cabin.

During Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever! Laura will mention trying to pick the lock to the cabin door and grabbing the team’s bags.

After the dialogue we will then get the option to either Leave Bags or Break In. For the purpose of this specific guide we will want to choose the Break In option

From there we will need to continue playing through the game until we reach Chapter 5 – White Noise. During this chapter we will, again, be given dialogue options to choose from. This time we will have the option to either be Desperate or Terrified. Choose the Desperate option. These options will occur whilst playing as Ryan and Dylan.

By choosing the Desperate option we will then be given another set of options this time we get to choose from either Shotgun or Chainsaw. Choose either option, at this point it does not matter.

Ryan will then try to save Dylan and the Just A Flesh Wound trophy achievement will then pop


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