Thymesia – All 11 Story Bits (Chapter – Hermes Fortress) Sub Quests Guide

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Sub Quests are optional side missions that can be accessed by speaking with Aisemy and choosing to recall. This will then give us the option to cycle through past areas.

Some of the past areas will now have these optional side missions, otherwise known as sub quests. Some of these missions include having to destroy cysts, whilst other require you to find specific notebooks. There is a wide range of different ones to choose from.

One such sub quest belongs to the Hermes Fortress. For the purpose of this guide we will be pointing out where you can find the story bits collectibles.

There is a total of 11 story bits to be found and collected during the Hermes Fortress sub quests. 7 story bits in sub quest 1 and 4 in sub quest 2

Both sub quests become available after you have completed the Hermes Fortress (Story) section.

(NOTE: Chapter – Hermes Fortress (Story) Story Bits Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Hermes Fortress (Sub Quests) Story Bits Locations)



STORY BIT: Notes on Hermes Life: Fortress 02
GUIDE: From the beacon head left and head inside the building. Once inside head left once again to find this first one.

STORY BIT: Tales of Folk Potions 03
GUIDE: Exit the building now and head down the steps and turn left. Continue down the path. Keep heading down until you enter the other building, from there turn right and continue on.

Ignore the following junction and continue up the steps, once at the top turn and head right. This next collectible can be found here.

STORY BIT: Surveillance Record
GUIDE: Backtrack downstairs and take the left path, heading past the beacon. Here turn right and up the ladder.

Climb the following ladder up and this next one will be residing in the next room.

STORY BIT: Hermes Local Announcement
GUIDE: Backtrack a bit and drop back down to lower ground. This one can be found on the wall of the open gateway. It should be an easy find.

STORY BIT: Notes of an Unknown Resident 01
GUIDE: Continue down the path and there should be an open doorway to the left, head through here.

STORY BIT: Diary of an Unknown Resident
GUIDE: Exit the building and keep following the path. At the next junction take the path right into another building with a beacon.

Head past the beacon and back outside through the open doorway. The next collectible is on the left.

STORY BIT: Royal Family Rumors
GUIDE: Exit the building and head left towards the water feature. From the water feature head right. The collectible is on the left.



STORY BIT: Civil Servant Notebook 02
GUIDE: From the beacon head north east and through the damaged wall. We will now be inside the building. From there head right and follow the path around and up the ladder.

Once at the top you will want to take the left path at the following junction and climb the nearby ladder. Then stick to the right path, up yet another ladder.

Drop down to the path below and then drop down the following ledge and the collectible will be literally right next to you.

STORY BIT: Diary of an Unknown Knight 02
GUIDE: From the previous collectible head right at the next turn and drop down and head left. The time you want to take the path north and down on to the floor below.

Again drop to the following floor and head through the damaged wall on the right. Then take a left through the gate.

Climb the ladder up then once at the top we will want to take the northern path back outside and up a ramp to the left. Climb the ladder. The collectible is up here

This location is also where the Key to the Top of the Fortress Wall can be found

STORY BIT: Diary of a Knight’s Mother 03
GUIDE: Backtrack and take the first path on the right. Keep to the right and drop down to the ground below. Stick to the right and head back outside

Keeping to the right, drop down to the path below and head back inside again. Head right to find this one on a ledge.

STORY BIT: Marshaling Order for the Knights of Pure Blood
GUIDE: From the previous collectible simply drop down to the ground below, there will be a beacon here. Head right and the final story bit collectible will be next to another beacon.


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