Thymesia – All 10 Story Bits (Chapter – Hermes Fortress) Story Revisit Guide

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Story Bits is one of the many collectibles that can be found and discovered within Thymesia. They are pieces of documents that tell the player more about the world and their locations.

These documents can be found throughout the entire game and in specific chapters. Getting them all will unlock the Memory Weaver trophy achievement

This page will be focused on trying to locate all of the story bits that can be found within Chapter – Hermes Fortress (Story Revisit). There is a total of 10 story bits to be found within this specific chapter.

This will be our second visit to the Hermes Fortress, the first time was during the game prologue section. Now we have a lot more to discover.

(NOTE: Chapter – Hermes Fortress (Story) Story Bits Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Hermes Fortress (Sub Quests) Story Bits Locations)

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Underground Laboratory


STORY BIT: Soldier’s Sachet
GUIDE: Anyway from the beacon head on outside and climb the ladder up. Once you reach the top we will find ourselves at a junction, continue heading up.

As said keep on heading up and climb the ladder. The first collectible is up here.

STORY BIT: Diary of a Knight’s Mother 01
GUIDE: Drop back down to the ground below and head through the damaged wall, then head left and drop to the next ground below.

This story bit collectible is hidden inside a crate.

STORY BIT: Pure Blood Injection Records
GUIDE: From the last collectible turn around and follow the walkway down, ignore the first junction and keep going.

Once you head back inside again continue left and climb the ladder up. Up here head through the open doorway. The collectible is in this next room.

STORY BIT: Notes on Hermes Life: Fortress 01
GUIDE: Backtrack into the previous room and head right and drop down to the path below. Continue past the beacon.

Climb the ladder up. At the next junction turn and head right. Climb the following ladder up and continue on.

At the next junction turn and head left and left again in order to find this one. It is in a dead end section of the path.

STORY BIT: Tales of Folk Potions 02
GUIDE: Backtrack and take the second turning left, back outside. Here climb the ladder up. Defeat the enemy here to obtain the Key to the Top of the Fortress Wall.

Again backtrack and this time take the other path that we ignored earlier and drop to the ground below. Head back outside.

Drop down to the next path below and continue on. Ignore all of the junctions until you reach another ladder, climb them.

Head right and go up yet another ladder. Ignore any junctions here and continue on to find the collectible at the end.

STORY BIT: Diary of an Unknown Knight 01
GUIDE: From the previous collectible make your way up the ladder and keep to the right to find another ladder.

Drop down the ledge and the story bit is to the left.

STORY BIT: Troop Selection Ceremony
GUIDE: Drop down to the platform below and then head left and, again, drop down to the next platform. From there head right and follow the path down.

Head left of the beacon, keep to the left and this one is located on the wall.

STORY BIT: Tales of Folk Potions 01
GUIDE: Head up the nearby steps and make your way through the gate. From the head left and up the ladders.

Continue left and at the end of the path go ahead and drop down to the ground below. Then head left just before the archway at the end.

Follow the path to our reward!

STORY BIT: Civil Servant Notebook 01
GUIDE: Backtrack a bit and head right and up the ladder. Then at the following ladder turn and head right, continue through the gate.

At the next junction turn and head left and up the ladder. Continue heading around to the left until you come across this sneaky collectible.

STORY BIT: Diary of a Knight’s Mother 02
GUIDE: From the last collectible simply head up the ramp and keep dropping down the various floors until you hit the stairs. Head left.

Follow the next set of steps right. We will now be in a courtyard, here stick to the left and up the next set of stairs.

The head right when you arrive at the next set of stairs and right again to the latest collectible.


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