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Story Bits is one of the many collectibles that can be found and discovered within Thymesia. They are pieces of documents that tell the player more about the world and their locations.

These documents can be found throughout the entire game and in specific chapters. Getting them all will unlock the Memory Weaver trophy achievement

This page will be focused on trying to locate all of the story bits that can be found within Chapter – Underground Laboratory (Story). There is a total of 5 story bits to be found within this specific chapter.

We can unlock the Underground Laboratory after we have completed the Royal Garden sub quest.

(NOTE: Chapter – Underground Laboratory (Story) Story Bits Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Underground Laboratory (Sub Quests) Story Bits Locations)



STORY BIT: Experiment No.1 Observation Report 03
GUIDE: Keep following the path, at the first junction turn and head left up the steps. The first collectible is up here.

STORY BIT: Experiment No.1 Observation Report 01
GUIDE: Drop down the left to the floor below, from there make your way north and up a ramp to find this one.

STORY BIT: Blood Written Letter 01
GUIDE: Backtrack a bit and head right into the next area, drop down the ledge. From there ignore the first path on the right and the collectible will be on the next right.

STORY BIT: Blood Written Letter 02
GUIDE: Continue on and there will be a beacon to the left, continue past this beacon by heading right. At the next junction head right and follow the path down.

Stick to the right and follow the path to this next one.

STORY BIT: Vile Blood Experiment Records 02
GUIDE: Backtrack to the last junction and turn and head right. Follow the path down and left, the final collectible for this section is here.

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