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Story Bits is one of the many collectibles that can be found and discovered within Thymesia. They are pieces of documents that tell the player more about the world and their locations.

These documents can be found throughout the entire game and in specific chapters. Getting them all will unlock the Memory Weaver trophy achievement

This page will be focused on trying to locate all of the story bits that can be found within Chapter – Royal Garden (Story). There is a total of 11 story bits to be found within this specific chapter.

(NOTE: Chapter – Royal Garden (Story) Story Bit Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Royal Garden (Sub Quest) Story Bit Locations)



STORY BIT: Notes on Hermes Life: Garden 01
GUIDE: From the beacon head down the steps and turn right and follow the next set of steps to our blue glowing collectible.

STORY BIT: Notes on Hermes Life: Garden 02
GUIDE: From the previous collectible backtrack down the stairs and continue right. Then head left through an archway.

Turn and head left at the next junction and then keep going right and head up. From there the collectible is on the left.

STORY BIT: Diary of an Unknown Soldier 02
GUIDE: Backtrack a bit and this time head down the steps and turn right. Keep following the path down and you will find this one.

STORY BIT: Experienced Researcher’s Notebook 01
GUIDE: Drop down to the ground below and head under the stairs, head down. Turn left at the junction and head back up again. Follow the next set of stairs down.

Continue on until you find the story bit collectible.

STORY BIT: Folk Potions Research Report 01
GUIDE: Head right and keep going, pass through the following building structure. Here there will be a beacon.

Turn left of the beacon and left again to find this one.

STORY BIT: Alchemy Researcher’s Notebook 02
GUIDE: Turn around and keep following the path north and to this next one.

STORY BIT: Greenhouse Procurement Order
GUIDE: Head left and then follow the path right and around. Stick to the right and we will find this one.

STORY BIT: Alchemy Researcher’s Notebook 01
GUIDE: Continue through the next greenhouse building and this one will be here on the bookshelf.

STORY BIT: Introduction to Alchemy
GUIDE: Continue and take the first left and you will find this next one here.

STORY BIT: Alchemy Researcher’s Notebook 03
GUIDE: Slight right of the last collectible will be our next one. It is on the left side of the wall.

STORY BIT: Last Page Of Researcher’s Journal
GUIDE: Head further into the library and locate the stairs. The final one should be here.

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