Thymesia – All 2 Story Bits (Chapter – Sea Of Trees) God Of The Fools Guide

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Story Bits is one of the many collectibles that can be found and discovered within Thymesia. They are pieces of documents that tell the player more about the world and their locations.

These documents can be found throughout the entire game and in specific chapters. Getting them all will unlock the Memory Weaver trophy achievement

This page will be focused on trying to locate all of the story bits that can be found within Chapter – Sea Of Trees – God of the Fools. There is a total of 2 story bits to be found within this specific chapter.

We can find these story bits during our fight against the God of the Fools boss.

The God of Fools chapter becomes available after you have successfully completed both sub quest 1 and 2 of the Sea of Trees chapter.

During this specific chapter we will have to destroy the poisonous parts of the God of the Fools boss. These parts are basically found all over the walkways and destroying them will then allow us to progress on.

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (Sub Quests) Story Bit Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (Story) Story Bit Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (God of the Fools) Story Bit Locations)


STORY BIT: Note From An Unknown Hopeless 06
GUIDE: Make your way to the very top of the walkways, there should be a ladder that we can climb up.

Once on the top walkway make your way around until you get to a section full of various wooden barrels. The collectible should be here.

STORY BIT: Experiences of a Hopeless Builder 02
GUIDE: From the last story bit collectible keep making your way around the walkway. This story bit will be next to one of the poison sources.

Just keep going around and you should notice it as you go, it will be on a platform along with the poison source. Once you spot it just go around and you will find quite a tall enemy here too.


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