Thymesia – All 15 Story Bits (Chapter – Sea Of Trees) Sub Quests Guide

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Sub Quests are optional side missions that can be accessed by speaking with Aisemy and choosing to recall. This will then give us the option to cycle through past areas.

Some of the past areas will now have these optional side missions, otherwise known as sub quests. Some of these missions include having to destroy cysts, whilst other require you to find specific notebooks. There is a wide range of different ones to choose from.

One such sub quest belongs to the Sea of Trees. For the purpose of this guide we will be pointing out where you can find the story bits collectibles.

There is a total of 15 story bits to be found and collected during the Sea of Trees sub quests. 7 story bits in sub quest 1 and 8 story bits in sub quest 2.

Sub Quest 1 and 2 becomes available after you have defeated Odur in the Sea of Trees chapter.

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (Sub Quests) Story Bit Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (Story) Story Bit Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (God of the Fools) Story Bit Locations)



STORY BIT: Odur’s Vile Blood Research Notebook
GUIDE: From the beacon head left into the room full of bodies. The story bit collectible is behind the tent, amongst the wooden crates and barrels.

STORY BIT: Note From An Unknown Hopeless 04
GUIDE: Backtrack out of the room of bodies and drop down to the ground below. Keep going and cross the bridge.

Head through the gate and drop down to the next floor below. Here we will find our collectible.

STORY BIT: Legend Of The Four Thieves Vinegar 01
GUIDE: Head right of the beacon and it will be on the right side of the area.

STORY BIT: Note From An Unknown Hopeless 05
GUIDE: Head through the wooden structure and across the bridge. The collectible is on the table to the left.

STORY BIT: Manuscript Of A Hopeless Prophet
GUIDE: From the last story bit continue right and head across the bridge. Then drop down to the ground below to find this one.

(Note: In the main chapter this one was replaced with Note From An Unknown Hopeless 01

STORY BIT: Whilst-Blower Records
GUIDE: From the previous collectible proceed and drop down to the floor below. Head across the following bridge

At the end of the bridge go ahead and climb up the ladders. Head across the following bridge.

We should then be able to spot the blue collectible.

STORY BIT: Note From An Unknown Hopeless 03
GUIDE: Backtrack a bit and drop to the bridge below, continue right and you will come across a beacon.

Head past the beacon and into the wooden structure to find this one.


STORY BIT: Legend Of Four Thieves Vinegar 02
GUIDE: From the beacon next to the large open area with the poison source. The collectible will be in here, on the floor.

STORY BIT: Experience Of A Hopeless Builder 01
GUIDE: From the previous collectible find and locate the nearby staircase, head up them. Climb up the following ladders

From there head down the bridge and you should be able to spot this one.

STORY BIT: Tales Of Folk Potions 04
GUIDE: Head up the ramp and then climb up the stairs. Keep left and destroy the poison source.

Continue on and cross the next bridge. Keep left and drop to the ground below. The story bit is located down here.

STORY BIT: Sea Of Trees: Record Of Mysterious Events
GUIDE: This next collectible is on the ground just below from the last one. Turn around and drop to the next floor.

In the main chapter this particular story bit has been replaced with the Notes On Hermes Life: Sea Of Trees 02

STORY BIT: Notes On Hermes Life: Circus 03
GUIDE: There will be a beacon near the floor leading to the market room. This will require us to get and find the Market’s Secret Room Key

Anyway at this beacon there will be a gate that leads to the wine and liquor room, head through here and cross the bridge at the end.

Continue on and head right under the stairs. Follow this next room to the collectible.

STORY BIT: Transformation Experiment Report 02
GUIDE: Backtrack and head up the stairs this time. Head to the very top and climb the ladder.

The collectible is up here.

STORY BIT: Experiences Of A Hopeless Builder 03
GUIDE: Backtrack back down the stairs and take the stairs on the left. Head through the door way on the right.

Head towards the gate but ignore that for now and drop down into the small section below. The collectible is amongst the crates and barrels.

STORY BIT: Ordur’s Construction Notebook
GUIDE: Backtrack back into the poisonous room and it will be just around the corner.


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