Thymesia – Where To Find The Market’s Secret Room Key (Emerald Location) Guide

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As you continue to explore the Sea of Trees chapter you will more than likely come across a room with various food and a suspiciously locked door.

In order to open this door we will need to find the Key to the Market’s Secret Room. The door, once opened, actually leads to a room where we can find and speak with Emerald.

This guide will show you how to acquire this key and where to find Emerald.


After you have inspected the market storeroom door and realised that we need a key for it (we can also collect the Notes From A Royal Guard story bit whilst we are here). We will then need to go and locate this key in order to open the door.

Right, going from the storeroom turn and head right, keep going until you come across a bridge. Cross the bridge.

As soon as you cross this bridge you will encounter a spear wielding enemy. They have quite a bit of health and can be rather tricky to take down if you are not fully prepared. Take caution.

Upon defeating this enemy we will be rewarded with the Alchemy Enhancer and the all important Key to the Market’s Secret Room

We will now be able to unlock the market storeroom door and meet up with Emerald.


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