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Story Bits is one of the many collectibles that can be found and discovered within Thymesia. They are pieces of documents that tell the player more about the world and their locations.

These documents can be found throughout the entire game and in specific chapters. Getting them all will unlock the Memory Weaver trophy achievement

This page will be focused on trying to locate all of the story bits that can be found within Chapter – Sea Of Trees (Story). There is a total of 15 story bits to be found within this specific chapter.

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (Sub Quests) Story Bit Locations)

(Note: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (Story) Story Bit Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Sea Of Trees (God of the Fools) Story Bit Locations)

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STORY BIT: Tattered Twilight Circus Recruitment Ad
GUIDE: Head across the bridge and there should be a wall covered in blood. The story bit is here.


The Twilight Circus has the following openings. No restrictions or qualifications, all able-bodied applicants welcome:

Porter, 20 positions

Street Vendor, 10 positions

5 males and 5 females

Will be required to undergo a physical examination and perform clerical duties within the tent. Outstanding compensation. Interested parties, please contact…

STORY BIT: Village Elder’s Manuscript 01
GUIDE: Just behind the previous story collectible there will be a bunch of wooden barrels, break them.

By breaking these wooden barrels we will gain entry into a small enclosed space. This is where the next one resides.


”Several days ago, some mysterious visitors arrived at the village, hoping to talk with me…”

”I never had a good feeling about the people from above. After all, they are the ones who abandoned us…”

”But they are Royal Guards… I could not just avoid them. They asked me a lot about the circus..”

STORY BIT: Twilight Circus Poster
GUIDE: Backtrack to where we found the recruitment ad and there should be some ladders leading up, climb them.

Once up here head right and follow the path to the next one.


We have returned! A brand new program, made just for you… the audience! With featured acts such as:

Big Clown Beat-o-Rama!

Dagger’s Fatal Roll-Call!

And the highly anticipated: ‘The Grand Illusionist’ Odur’s Mysterious Finale!

Every Saturday and Sunday, just at the brink of dusk, the circus tent opens for you!

STORY BIT: Note From An Unknown Hopeless 01
GUIDE: From the previous collectible turn and head right, going across the bridge.

From there drop down to the ground below in order to find this one.


I want to join the circus in order to provide for my family.

There are rumours floating around that some people go into the tent and never come out… But the pay is so good that nobody really cares.

The staff member that did my health check said.. my body is just what they are looking for.. No idea what that means, but to hell with it..

STORY BIT: Tree Blessed’s Manuscript
GUIDE: From the last story bit continue on to the floor below. Crossing the bridge will take us back to where we found and climbed the ladders.

Climb the ladders once again and head past the table where we found the Twilight Circus Poster. Here there will be an area with a table and a wooden barricade. Destroy the barricade and follow the bridge down.

Keep going and it will be on the right.

Tree Blessed’s Manuscript

… The exiled have created a settlement that surrounds the Sacred Trees..

.. These towering deities protect us from monsters and plague…

… The prophets say that even just carrying the broken twig of a Sacred Tree can drive off the pestilence…

STORY BIT: Notes On Hermes Life: Sea Of Trees 01
GUIDE: Backtracks back up the bridge and continue on to the right. In this next area there will be some breakable wooden barrels in between the fencing and the shelter. Destroy them.

Notes On Hermes Life: Sea Of Trees 01

… Almost every residence in the forest is constructed around the Sacred Trees..

The people believe that if they are close to the trees, they will receive blessings and protection.

Even those whose homes are not in direct contact with the Sacred Trees will carry tiny branches to drive off the plague.

STORY BIT: Twilight Circus Recruitment Ad
GUIDE: From the previous story bit collectible we now want to head to the other side of the shelter. The recruitment ad will be next to a table.

Twilight Circus Recruitment Ad

The Twilight Circus is urgently seeking porters and carpenters, 50 positions available.

No restrictions or qualifications

Outstanding compensation. Interested parties, please contact…

STORY BIT: Village Elder’s Manuscript 02
GUIDE: From the previous story bit collectible simply continue on to find yet another set of ladders, climb them.

Continue on, through the gate and then turn and head right. Heading across the bridge at the end.

In here destroy the wooden barrels and climb the smaller ladder behind them. Up here there will be a poisonous trap so be careful. The collectible is up here.

Village Elder’s Manuscript 02

… I told them I didn’t know what’s in the buckets… but they just kept asking, even requesting to speak with villagers who have worked in the tent..

My nephew actually worked in the tent, and he said that the buckets were filled with oddly shaped.. small creatures

But the circus folk are one of us, the Tree Blessed… so how could I possibly reveal their secret?

STORY BIT: Market Announcement
GUIDE: Backtrack a little and climb up the ladders to the left, then climb up the next set of ladders that follow.

Up here we will find a bunch of bodies, continue past them and there will be a gate. Head through the gate and up the bridge. The collectible is to the left.

Market Announcement

The circus seeks to procure small sized animals in any condition for use in performances. Flyers, runners, jumpers, whatever! If it moves, we’ll take it!

Interested parties, please contact…

STORY BIT: Notes on Hermes Life: Circus 01
GUIDE: From the previous collectible just turn around and there will be a table with this one on.

Notes on Hermes Life: Circus 01

In the beginning, the circus was just some personal entertainment for the village workers. A few people getting together, amusing each other with cheap tricks. Gradually, it began to grow..

They called themselves Twilight. Besides signifying their nighttime performances, it also implies a way of finding joy in hardship.

STORY BIT: Notes From A Royal Guard
GUIDE: Backtrack a bit, towards where the Market Announcement was located, turn right and climb the ladders.

Climb the following ladders and destroy the wooden barrels. We will find ourselves in a room full of food.

There will be a door in here that requires the Key to the Market’s Secret Room. Ignore it for now and head out the window. The Royal Guard notes are down here.

Notes From A Royal Guard

We entered the Sea of Fool’s under the guise of helping the research team speed up their progress.

But we are actually here to investigate the strange activities of the Twilight Circus.

STORY BIT: Notes On Hermes Life: Sea Of Trees 02
GUIDE: Backtrack back up the ladders that lead to the locked market door and this time turn and head right.

Here there will be an area full of poison fumes but there is also a ladder too, so take the ladder down. Once at the bottom find the wooden barrels and climb the ladder here too

More barrels are down here, one of which has what we are looking for.

Notes On Hermes Life: Sea Of Trees 02

The area behind the Sea of Trees Market is the storehouse.

It’s full of supplies brought back by the circus from all over the mainland, as well as goods gained through trade at the market.

The storehouse is heavily guarded by both members of the circus and the knights…

STORY BIT: Note From An Unknown Hopeless 02
GUIDE: Head back up the ladder and climb up the next ladder to the left. Head right now and cross the bridge.

Follow the path left and head down a ramp. Head right and drop down to the path below. The collectible is inside a crate.

Note From An Unknown Hopeless 02

Most of the work inside the tent is just moving various buckets around.

Sometimes I can even feel the things inside of them still moving!

STORY BIT: Village Elder’s Manuscript 03
GUIDE: Staying in this area head right until you find several wooden barrels, the manuscript is inside one of these barrels.

Village Elder’s Manuscript 03

Even though Odur is extremely popular with the upper dwellers, he still really cares about the Sea of Trees..

His circus not only provides work and resources, they even do free performances to entertain those of us who have never seen the outside world

Many are grateful for Odur’s compassion, so when the circus comes to recruit new members, the forest residents are eager to sign up.

STORY BIT: Notes On Hermes Life: Circus 02
GUIDE: Continue on from the last story bit and you will find a new beacon to activate. Just to the right of this beacon is a set of barrels, destroy them to reveal a new path.

Follow the path, once at the top destroy yet more barrels. Continue up here to find the last collectible.

Notes On Hermes Life: Circus 02

The Twilight Circus reached its peak after Odur joined. He brought their performances to a whole other level.

Opinions differ on Odur’s past.

NEXT CHAPTER: Royal Garden


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