Thymesia – All 6 Story Bits (Chapter – Underground Laboratory) Sub Quests Guide

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Sub Quests are optional side missions that can be accessed by speaking with Aisemy and choosing to recall. This will then give us the option to cycle through past areas.

Some of the past areas will now have these optional side missions, otherwise known as sub quests. Some of these missions include having to destroy cysts, whilst other require you to find specific notebooks. There is a wide range of different ones to choose from.

One such sub quest belongs to the Underground Laboratory. For the purpose of this guide we will be pointing out where you can find the story bits collectibles.

There is a total of 6 story bits to be found and collected during the Underground Laboratory sub quests.

The Underground Laboratory sub quest becomes available after we have successfully completed the Underground Laboratory story section.

(NOTE: Chapter – Underground Laboratory (Story) Story Bits Locations)

(NOTE: Chapter – Underground Laboratory (Sub Quests) Story Bits Locations)



STORY BIT: Message In Blood 03
GUIDE: This one is rather close to the beacon. It resides on the floor by a fire torch.

STORY BIT: Vile Blood Experiment Records 00
GUIDE: Continue on and up the path. Stick to the left to find this next one.

STORY BIT: Derivative Research 01
GUIDE: Keep following the path up and around to the right. After heading up the steps you will want to turn and head left at this next junction.

Here there be a beacon, continue past it. Keep going and you will eventually come across it.

STORY BIT: Vile Blood Experiment Records 03
GUIDE: Continue to follow the path up, head up the steps opposite and turn left up these next steps too. Ignore the next set of steps and continue on.

The next collectible will be here.

STORY BIT: Experiment No.1 Observation Report 02
GUIDE: Backtrack to the last set of steps and this time head up them. Then head left up the path and drop off the left. You will probably notice this one right on the next platform.

To get there simply head left and follow the path around to the right.

STORY BIT: Derivative Research 02
GUIDE: From the last collectible drop back down to the path below and head right, ignoring the steps this time. The next one is an easy find!


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