(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Ash’s Butler Uniform (Missable Costume) Guide

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(TOCS4) otherwise known as Trails of Cold Steel IV manages to feature quite a few missable items, many of which will require you to of collected certain items in prior locations or even Chapters in order to unlock them.

Hence why these can be classed as missable. They are also often only available the once.

The missable items can range in various different forms too such as costumes, accessories and even weapons.

For this specific page we will be covering how to unlock the Butler Uniform costume for the character Ash.

You can also find my other missable guides here; Kaiser Mishy, Sorcerer Gloves and Celine’s Pink Ribbon

Isn’t he adorable in that gear?

Anyway lets begin..

  • On day 8/10 – Thursday you will want to head to Milsante and more specifically to the White Birch Inn
  • Whilst here speak to Alban and choose to shop
  • Go ahead and purchase x1 Rockeater Salt Grill for 800 Mira
  • Then later on the same day (8/10 – Thursday) you will be tasked with going to Raquel
  • Whilst in Raquel head to McEnroe’s Pawn Shop and speak to McEnroe
  • Here is where you can get the costume. Simply trade with McEnroe using the Rockeater Salt Grill
  • You can access your costume selection through the game’s menu


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