(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – How To Get Celine’s Pink Ribbon (Pretty In Pink) Guide

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Regarded as another missable in-game item and doesn’t Celine look so good with a lovely little pink ribbon

I have already done several other missable item guides including;  Ash’s Butler Costume, Kaiser Mishy and Sorcerer Gloves now it is time to give our previous kitty Celine some attention

The pink ribbon or the Celine’s Alt. Color Ribbon is only obtainable through one simple and easy method and that is through Character Bonding

Basically you have to choose to Character Bond with Celine which will consume a Bonding Point, now there are several other characters that you can also bond with and thus this is what makes this missable.

Also each time you get to bond with someone it can vary, so for example the choices available to bond with on a particular day may not be the same on another day.

So do the right thing and pick Celine as she is the best character anyway, just look at how adorable she is!

Okay I managed to trigger the bonding session with Celine on the Merkabah during the day of 8/22 – Tuesday, it also gave me a bonding score of 4

So hopefully this helps now go and get our special kitty a new fashion accessory and then take some photos of how gorgeous she then looks, just make sure to get her good side!


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