(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Sorcerer Gloves (All Gloves Locations – Missable Accessory) Guide

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Yet another missable in-game item, this time it is an accessory known as the Sorcerer Gloves

The Sorcerer Gloves are only obtainable once you have successfully found the other gloves that will allow you to exchange for this item

You will need to find the Work Gloves, Medical Gloves, Soldier Gloves and Dress Gloves before you can exchange for the mighty Sorcerer Gloves

Then once you have all 4 Gloves you can then exchange them at any Pawn Store for the Sorcerer Gloves. The Sorcerer Gloves give you STR/DEF/ATS/ADF+24/Magic Attack Evasion+16%

You can find more of my missable guides here, including the Ash’s Butler Costume, Kaiser Mishy and Celine’s Pink Ribbon

Below is a quick guide on how to find all of the necessary gloves…


  • DATE: 8/10 – Thursday
  • LOCATION: Gasco’s Store – Alster
  • INFO: You can purchase this one from Gasco’s Store in Alster for 3200 Mira


  • DATE: 8/15 – Tuesday
  • LOCATION: Times Department Store – Crossbell
  • INFO: Head to the Times Department Store over at Crossbell to find this one for 3200 Mira


  • DATE: 8/15 – Tuesday
  • LOCATION: Gironde Armory – Crossbell
  • INFO: This one is got from the Gironde Armory for 3200 Mira


  • DATE: 8/15 – Tuesday
  • LOCATION: Le Lectier Inn – St Ursula Medical College
  • INFO: You can purchase this one at the Le Lectier Inn for 3200 Mira

With those gloves in hand you can then exchange for the Sorcerer Gloves


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