(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – Look For ‘A Dog’s Backside’ (Ryoji’s Direct Line) Guide

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As you continue on with the story you will end up reaching Week 1 Day 4, when you do you will then be tasked with trying to find out the phone number of Ryoji, or rather his direct line.

This will then present you with several different puzzles that you will need to solve, in doing so you will then be given a number that is part of the direct line.

Below is a guide on the Look For ‘A Dog’s Backside’ puzzle

  • PUZZLE: Look For ‘A Dog’s Backside’
  • DAY: Week 1 Day 4
  • LOCATION: Scramble Crossing
  • GUIDE:
  • The name of this particular riddle may seem a bit strange, but in actual fact it is not the ‘dog’s backside’ that we are after
  • Anyway head to Scramble Crossing (you may need to fulfil the red hooded guy’s request of defeating 3 Noise enemies consecutively, in order to gain access to the area)
  • Anyway once at the Scramble Crossing head to the area where you unlocked the skull riddle earlier on in the game
  • Here you will notice a statue of a dog, this is the dog that the riddle is referring to. However, to be more precise what you are actually looking for resides on the back of the statue, hence ‘backside’ the back of the statue. Yes, the whole name threw me off a bit at first too heh!
  • Okay with that we will now be given a small quiz question before we can actually get the number
  • The quiz question asks us ‘Which of the following isn’t on the menu at Hachiko Cafe?
  • Chances are unless you frequent there a lot, hey you never know, you will not know the answer to this one..
  • So head to Hachiko Cafe which is the large Tsutaya building
  • Here you can find out what does and does not get sold at the cafe, to which the answer is Milk Tea
  • We will now get the next number to Ryoji’s direct line, this being the number 9
  • After the next bit of dialogue we can now move on..


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