V Rising – How To Craft Primal Blood Essence (Material) Guide

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Primal Blood Essence is one of the many crafting materials that can be found within V Rising. It is the next stage up from the Greater Blood Essence

In order to create and craft the Primal Blood Essence we will need both the Primal Blood Essence recipe and the Blood Press.

In order to create the Primal Blood Essence we will need to obtain the Primal Blood Essence recipe. This can be got by defeating one of the many V Blood bosses.

The V Blood boss that we will need to find and defeat is Jade The Vampire Hunter. A V Blood boss that enjoys playing around with explosives.

The Primal Blood Essence recipe is one of the rewards you will get from defeating Jade The Vampire Hunter

After we have successfully obtained the Primal Blood Essence Recipe we will then need to interact with the Blood Press.

If you have yet to make a Blood Press then we can do so by using both Planks and Stones.

From there we will then discover what we now need in order to create the Primal Blood Essence, this includes using the Greater Blood Essence

That is all there is to it.


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