V Rising – Mairwyn The Elementalist (V Blood Carrier) Location Guide

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The Mairwyn The Elementalist is another V Blood carrier that becomes available after you have completed the Blood Hunt mission

From there we can then begin searching for Mairwyn The Elementalist

The Mairwyn The Elementalist is a level 64 mission quest that can be collected by interacting with the Blood Altar. The same way as we did to search for the Alpha Wolf

By interacting with the Blood Altar we can then proceed to track and search for our target.

You should be able to find Mairwyn The Elementalist over at the Emberleaf Grove, which is located within Silverlight Hills.

Mairwyn has the ability to control many of the different elements, from lightning and thunder to fire and ice.

Her main attacks usually come in the form of ranged projectiles.


A dangerous spell-caster in tune with the more ephemeral qualities of nature. Mairwyn speaks to the winds, which whisper for change, chaos, and destruction.

However, she seems content to only massacre those who wander too close to her Grove.

REWARDS: Crystal Lance (Powers), Imperial Thread (Recipe)


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