V Rising – The Winged Horror (V Blood Carrier) Location Guide

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The Winged Horror is another V Blood carrier that becomes available after you have completed the Blood Hunt mission

From there we can then begin searching for The Winged Horror

The Winged Horror is a level 78 mission quest that can be collected by interacting with the Blood Altar. The same way as we did to search for the Alpha Wolf

By interacting with the Blood Altar we can then proceed to track and search for our target.

The Winged Horror is a bit more trickier to find compared to many of the other V Blood bosses. This is due to needing to reach a specific vantage point.

However, to the east of the Farbane Woods there should be a Soul Shard (Soul Shard Of The Winged Horror). The target you are looking for can be found here.

When you successfully reach and find the Soul Shard we will then want to transform into a bat, we can do this by defeating another V Blood boss known as Nightmarshal Styx The Sunderer. The Bat Form ability will be a reward for defeating this boss.

With the bat transformation simply fly around in order to locate your Winged Horror target. Basically it will be on top of a hill overlooking a small waterfall.

The Winged Horror is a large gargoyle type creature that has the ability to ram into its prey. It also has the ability to swoop into the air and deal damage along the ground.


A creature that was once one of Dracula’s favourite pets. The monster mourned the death of its master in a blood-soaked vigil, enduring the toxic, bloody rains that followed Dracula’s death for seven days and seven nights. This is the mangled monstrosity that emerged.

REWARDS: Frost Vortex (Power)


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