Where To Find Wooden Cog (Chapter 1 – Farm) Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4)

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During Chapter 1 and after encountering the chainsaw man you will eventually find yourself inside the Farm area. Where our mission objective will change to ‘Head for the lake’.

Whilst searching the farm you will find a locked and closed gate. Our task is to get this gate open and unlocked. In order to be able to do just that we are going to have to head through the much smaller gate next to it.

In here there will be an explosive trap so be sure to keep an eye out for it and use a long range weapon to remove it, preferably without taking any damage in the process. Further on from there we will come across a set of ladders and our dear merchant.

Now head up these set of ladders and we will come across a small puzzle. This puzzle has a crank to it, perhaps it can be used to unlock the large gate down below? Thus allowing us to explore the next area. However, upon closer inspection it also seems like it needs a ‘Wooden Cog’. Hmm, where can we find this ‘Wooden Cog?’. It cannot be too far away, right?

Now whilst remaining in this area, with the crank and wooden cog puzzle. Find and locate a small door. Head through this door and drop down to the ground below.

Down here there will be a table with a treasure box that contains treasure that can be used to insert jewels into. Thus further increasing the price when it comes to actually selling it. Remember to always do this whenever possible. Though not all of the treasure will allow us to combine it with others.

Anyway further on from this treasure box there is a door. Upon inspection this door appears to be locked. Do not worry simply, it is only locked by a lockpick. We can easily remove this lockpick by either shooting it from long range or by using a melee weapon, such as a knife instead.

Once inside the ‘Wooden Cog’ will then be found on the table here. Watch out though as enemies, including a rather large mace wielding enemy target will be waiting on the other side of the barn doors here. Once you take the ‘Wooden Cog’ they will then break down the door.

This concludes the location of the wooden cog that is needed to unlock the gate at the Farm during chapter 1 of Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4)


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