Hexagonal Emblem (Gate Puzzle – Chapter 2) Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4)

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After waking up inside an abandoned factory and meeting up with the merchant, we will then be tasked with heading to the church. Next to the merchant there is also a blue request note (Pest Control), should you wish to accept and try to complete it. This blue request is, of course, optional but it is also a simple one too that rewards us with x3 Spinel treasure.

Anyway to continue with the main mission objective we need to head through the gate here. However, upon inspecting this gate we will see that it needs some kind of emblem. A ‘Hexagonal Emblem’ to be more precise. This then creates a small puzzle for us to then solve.

Now the ‘hexagonal emblem’ might be easy enough to find. The puzzle itself might be a bit more trickier. Once you have inspected and inserted the emblem we can then begin.

This gate alongside the hexagonal emblem will both have a picture of some kind of bird on it. These pictures need to align in order for us to then solve this puzzle. We can rotate the emblem and move it around in order to be able to do just that.

The only difference though, is that the emblem will not look identical without it having been turn around. So that the back of it is facing us instead.

For this to then work we are going to need to think and use our imagination. Picturing the bird and how it would look now that it is facing away from us. Trust me I have tried to rotate this emblem quite a few times and I can never get the bird picture to align correctly whilst facing it. So we need to think and use our imagination.

What does help however, is that on the back of this hexagonal emblem there is a small groove. Use this said groove to also help you align the emblem picture and thus making this puzzle more easier to solve.

This concludes the hexagonal emblem gate puzzle that is located outside of the abandoned factory within chapter 2 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4)


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